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Just a look & I should be able to tell... inside out of a person, his/her medicinal diagnosis & remedy! That would be a wow..for myself!!!

Study of each and every drug and personality type should be so accurate!

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Respected Dr. Bajaj
Actually, there are so many methods for precribing medicines through different methods are going on, but the basic method of case taking is what we all know.
Now the question is, "Are we following the method/system?"

A doctor says that he/she attend 60 patients per day and maximum hours of his/her practice time is 8 hours means 480 minutes, which means 8 minutes per patient.
Just think how he/she can practice and on which particular basis?

On the other side, a doctor attend only 20 patients in 8 hours and do the justice with the system on behalf of good fees, but how many doctors are doing practice like this?

Still Doctors are charging 10 to 15 Rs. per day and trying to earn more through more patients

So, I just want to say, respectfully, again that we all say some thing and do some thing different, just on the only basis of own satisfaction.
Dr. Dasgupta.
Our Master never said a doctor attend only 20 patients in 8 hours and do the justice with the system on behalf of good fees . He said homoeopathy is a mission, not a profession. This pathy is popular with the public due to its cost and no side effects. For chronic cases proper case taking is must, but in acute causative factor, modalities, generalities and peculiar symptoms are important.
Dr. Sarswat,
In a way you are right, but we should strive to change this perception. Why do we say no side effects? What is proving of a drug ? Any thing taken in must show its effect, may be so minute that we overlook. Why is it that we give these medicines cheaper? Why not make ourselves better than the best in the field? Mission Homeopathy!
Hahnemann said homoeopathy is a mission, not a profession. But the world adopted Homoeopathy as a profession and the mission diverted in different ways of practice including different ways to earn money. Because a Mission can only provide a bread not... butter....
Now, more act like a true professional and very-very less as a missionary. It is Mission profession not Mission Homeopathy.
The basics of a professional was not directed by Hahnemann. He only directed those who can only obey the basics of Homoeopathy.

Yes, Now its better time to make our selves better than the best in the field. HOW?
Then may be the soul of Hahnemann will feel satisfaction.
Dr.Nalini Bajaj,
Your confidence show that you are sure & so precise in your Methedology of case taking without asking any question, only on the basis of traits, diagnosis & his pathology reports. So Please, present this type of cases [videos] & also explain, How you reach to similimum. After all we always learn from discussions. It will be very beneficial for all of us[Homoeopath] & Homoeopathy also.
good evening friends ,
I feel so happy to see this kind of proactive participation .
On the subject of case taking, my method is very simple..macro and micro.
To know a patient as a person. Macro way. Micro way is used in selecting medicine.
First by observation
Secondly by listening
Third by clarifying my doubts from the above two
Fourth, by Previewing possible differential diagnosis of the disease and drugs in my mind, simultaneously,
Fifth, by looking into any past records and tests done,
Sixth, consulting my respected Materia Medica and repertory.
Seventh, selection of medicines in ascending order of preference, with at least the best three and their complementary or followers and sometimes combination of medicines are required. In sequence.
Eight, asking for any further tests needed
Ninth, telling the patient about possible futuristic aggravations. This is the best part as the selection of medicine is almost perfect, symptoms or diseases can be told like predictions done. It gives confidence and trust to the patient. In doctor's knowledge, a doctor is a counselor too.
Tenth, keep a follow up so that sequels are taken care of and a cure is achieved. In my next mail I shall be sharing my micro selection.
Thnx and regards.
Respected Dr. Bajaj,
Your "Macro.way" is the true basics of Homoeopathy, means you too obey the basics. And the "Micro way is used in selecting medicine/similimum. "
This may take several minutes but it is the right way.
On the other side we have to be serious on the quality of medicines, the way of dispensing & the management of our clinics/chambers/hospitals also.
My opinion is that we must provide more time, provide more results and also earn more. What ever you want. Be professional but in a gentle way.
Dr. Nalini Bajaj.
Thanks a lot, we are waiting for micro selection method. If you present a case which you have done by this method will be easy to understand.
Thanks again.
Thanks friends for supporting me. Its not one case its in every case.
Practice makes a man perfect. Knowledge gives a man power. ;)
I will do whatever to clear any doubts.
Regards. ;)


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