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Just a look & I should be able to tell... inside out of a person, his/her medicinal diagnosis & remedy! That would be a wow..for myself!!!

Study of each and every drug and personality type should be so accurate!

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Personality type, is a good way of remembering a remedy partially. Personality type, this idea does not go with remedies which have few symptoms or with Polychrest remedy too.....ear hole ulceration, Of stannum , or one stroke cough of calcarea carb.

Strophanthus, Iberis amara, etc or Gun powder, ocimum sanctum.

So lets us dig out case, FIND out the remedy in each case, with painful study of repertory and Materia medica. Its fallacy to believe that all the symptoms of one remedy could be found in one patient. As all symptoms were never manifested in one prover either.

At the end of each case taking we will have to make sure that our prescription is most appropriate one.

May we be accurate prescriber in most cases we encounter.
Dear Dr. Nalini Bajaj, Here your writing & title show only one part of case taking. To see or know the personality of drug & patient you can not select a remedy. You should asked so many required Ques. & convert them in to rubrics, Analyse & Reperterise then confirm them by M.M. to select a remedy. These all things are basic requirement to reach the similimum.
[ Kai barr aankhon dekhi or kano suni baat bhi galat ho jati hai] Use intenal core of mind to understand the patient & his disease with whole process of case taking. thanks....
thnx for replies..Doc !

selection of a personality type is the basis.. with that comes the knowledge of any related illness or type of disease... very wide deviations are not possible.. a certain personality type shall have certain traits... our Organon ... taught us that.. !
its something like... library nomenclature... headings... fiction, history, geography..romance..then.. in history... pre or post independence... go further... and more ... some thing like this... is a personality...""" its a person and our perception ..of that person "".. to reach at the right page in that book... !!
Dr.Nalini Bajaj, There is much diffrence between homoeopathic case taking & to select a book from library [librarian work.]. If we select a remedy after perceiving the personality, we may be PREJUDICE. For example, if you see a PULS. like personality case, who is mild, gentle, sensitive and having weeping tendency, to see the symptoms your questions will be related with PULS. Which is wrong homoeopathically. In homoeopathy each & every case is new due to indivduality.
If I am not wrong you were impressed by librarian work & here your example is also related with library. If this work can affect you then after seeing a personality you can not----------be PREJUDICE....
library.. ?? :)

impressed by their method of selection... !
they are so precise...!!!!!
.. in a minute.. one can pick up what one needs.. !

.. we always formulate our own precise methods...
and this is one reason.. no two prescription for the same case are similar... or tally..
...we are not reaching at the same spot... which ever way we take... i do not understand why... ??? why two prescriptions differ for the same person or disease... with the same ... usage of Organon.. and almost same ...Materia Medica(s) .. !!!!
Dr Nalini - I believe it is just a dream to have "a look" and then know the remedy. We cannot presume to know the inner being of another person. We must "listen" and "ask" the vital force of the individual to speak.

For an infant or child who cannot speak, then we must observe and listen to the "cry" and watch reactions to environment and relations. Whether they want covers, cling, kick, wail, rub ears, etc.
Debbie, i wish to convert this dream into reality... i wish to develop my powers so keen and so precise.My study so thorough. !
Dr. Nalini Bajaj, A certain personality type shall have certain traits...
Can you elaborate it. Please, Give an example, it will be easy to understand.
For that you have to be a keen observer, your diagnosis of the disease should be perfect and you should have an excellent knowledge of MM!!!!!!!!!!Sometimes it is possible, but again you have to confirm by proper history taking.
After all we are not supposed to be the astrologers.
... astrology... helps... all the time... !
there too there are certain specific traits and strains given and found in specific birth stars... and since ancient times ...till today this method too is ... working wonderfully well... !

the person (( astrologer /doctor)) is important.. .. that person's important.
... looking and reading stars and planets... or ... a person reading and reaching to a diagnosis ... looking at a lab report..
This can be only happen with few constitutional remedies only ( calc,bell,thuja,puls etc), if you are a keen observer with good practical experiences.
How many do proper case taking?? How many do repertorisation/analysis ??? is a Burning Question.
Most of us give medicines to our Pt. with in 10 to 15 minutes. HOW?????
Sacchai sab jante hai,lekin sweekar nahi karte.....
sorry Sir, in my opinion ..time spent is never a good tool for judging a quality procedure. any where.. in any field of expertise !!!
i may take 14 hours and still no concrete result might be reached.. !


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