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Which is your preferred method of taking the case history:

A. Structured questionnaire.

B.Writing down the notes on plain paper and then rearrange the same.

C. Any other method

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1. All the information obtained from the patient should be recorded in the patients own words 2. By standers if anxious do not give correct information 3. The physician should frame the collateral questions and not the leading questions 4. He must be able to collect symptoms with regards to pathology, diagnosis prognosis and materia medica.Symptoms with respect to materia medica are the key to the prescriptions 5. The physician should know that anything that affect a change in these symptoms Eg. Drugs, alcohol etc. He should get the original form of the malady 6. The circumstances of the life and habit must be studied with a view to going in to the slightest particulars 7. Exaggerated and indolent patients do not give a true picture 8. Never consider acute and chronic together 9. Sequel of acute diseases are psoric disorders and must be treated as psora 10. Don't prejudice by "similar cases" in the past
Dr. Sushil. You took a good topic for discussion. It is basic requirement for best result. Case taking should be perfect. If you neglect making a careful case taking. The patient will be the first sufferer, but in the end you yourself will suffer from it, and ultimately Homoeopathy also.
Dr Sarswat,
I fully agree with you. Well taken case always generate sufficient data for the selection of a remedy.
My preferred method of taking the case history is-

B.Writing down the notes on plain paper and then rearrange the same followed by repertorization, analysis and then MM consultation.
Thank you Dr.Dasgupta, for participation.
Perfect case taking is the art no fix method is applicable for every case, every case has its own requirement hence its own art. Case taking on a fix pro-forma never considered a good case taking. Good case taking always must be taken up on plain paper. During case taking, physician must remember one thing, what is curable in the disease. (Aphorims 3)
Structured questionnaire has its own merits and demerits. Yet its very true that all the questions should be structured to be able to get the History part of case taking in full details.

Writing down on plain paper, with all details is best. Its more important to have gist of case in our mind.

Dr S R Phatak never took any case on paper. Yet he was one of the best prescriber, as he used to translate the symptoms of the patient into rubrics given in repertory and Materia medica.
He used to get all information in detail especially about modalities, and concomitants and exact description of the complaints.

I think an important is method of getting information in a way that one can prescribe successfully.
Thank you, both--Dr.Habib & Dr. Piyush, for putting forward your point of view, on this topic.
I have Always used Dr. S.K. Banerjea's Case taking questioneer form (16 pages long) Covers just about everything a practicioner needs to ask for a chronic casetaking
Dr Gina, Thanks .What about acute cases. Do you use the same questionnaire for all of your cases.
How many do proper case taking?? How many do repertorisation/analysis ??? is a Burning Question.
Most of us give medicines to our Pt. with in 10 to 15 minutes. HOW?????
Sacchai sab jante hai,lekin sweekar nahi karte.....
Dr. Dasgupta,
In acute cases where causative factor is clear, We take hardly 1 or 2 minute to prescribe. For example in a case of injury Arnica, Any sudden complaint Aconite, Days hot night cold Bryonia. There are no need for a long process of case taking each & every case. But in chronic case it is very important where things are not clear. HOMOEOPATH to hamesha sacha hota hai.


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