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Carcinosin Case: A Case of Sweet Bonsai


This is one of the case that had consulted in year 1996.


The case I am sharing with my friends here to impress about 'Life Changing' action of Homoeopathy.

This is not a new story for homoeopaths, but surely for a patient and parents esp. when they are desperate about the situation they are trapped in. 


I do not know the final out come in the case, but the results upto the time they reported was encouraging.


Please interact and share your views.



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Dear Dr Mehta. Thank you for case presentation and how you decided upon use of carcinosin. It has been a good number of years since this case and wondering if you have seen the patient recently. She must be grown and wouldn't it be exciting to see a transformation into a young lady? 

Dear Debby,

Yes indeed, I also would have loved to follow up the case and see the result. But i fail to trace the patient as she was residing in some part of other state - Gujarat - about 700-800 Km away from me. 

I am still trying to trace the one who had referred the case to me. If i succeed, i would surely update the data. Thanks for the suggestion and interest.

I was expecting to see something about a bonsai remedy, some kind of tree. You were simply using this as a metaphor for a small child that needs delicate pruning? 

OK. I understand.


It was 1996, the trend and perception was different.


Horisons widened gradually after 2000.


Sweet Bonsai is indeed a metaphor related to experince with the child and reflection of Carcinosin. This case also highlighted dwarfism aspect of the remedy.


I hope this case can be useful to the group in adding experience with Carcinosin.




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