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Case Study "Words Hurt Me More than Injury" by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan July 12th, 2009

S R, 8 years old, consulted Dr. Dinesh Chauhan on 09/05/06 with complaints of nocturnal enuresis. For full article, click here
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Dear Nicky,

I will try to answer, with your permission.

First of all, we all are ignorant. The only difference is in the degree of ignorance.

In this case Dinesh Chauhan uses his own technique of a case-taking, applying the Sensation Method.

Internal witnessing’ is a specific stage of a case-taking in which Dinesh encourages the patient to look inside himself/herself in order to approach the Vital Sensation.

In this method of a case-taking when the homeopath identifies the Vital Sensation and the Miasm and chooses the remedy, he always asks some Confirmatory Questions, in order to confirm his choice with the data in other areas.
it sound like INGNATIA to me


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