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Case Study Of A Super Model Suffering From Neurasthenia and Depression


A lady named Ms. L.S aged 38 visited my clinic for various complaints. She had tearing headache, pressure in her temples and forhead and had heaviness in the right foot; sensation as if a heavy load were attached to the tarsal bones, drawing the foot down.

She said, "I have constipation and my menses were not there for many months for which I had to take the medicines. I feel the whole of my nervous systyem is getting weak." She was under allopathic treatment for a very long time. Earlier she was in habit of drug addiction also.

"What your homoeopathy will do I have visited many great name doctors of homoeopathy and paid their huge bills. What ever is the price you tell me, but give me the best and imported. And, look inspite of taking appointment I had to wait for 7 mins, I can't sit with general crowd, next time take care and book the whole hour for me and tell me how much you want, I will pay."

"Earlier In the days of my modelling and shootings I did all calculations orally, but now it seems my brain has also stopped working. I can't concentrate. My attention goes somewhere else during meetings of importance."

"When asked about my childhood, I find it very difficult to quote any incident, except that my parents always loved me. Earlier none of my programmes have ever failed, I never needed any secretary.  Still I have to keep just for social presence and you know he is...........( Famous personality.) I pay him till this date a very handsome amount, which nobody can ever think of paying. I lead a very high profile life.  Late night parties, sex, fun etc. were all in excess through out my life, but now I don't crave for all those stuff."

Now she feels that every thing is finished nothing is left in my body, "the ship is going to sink. " Here she refers to ship as her body, all finished my life style and drugs have taken my life from me. Heart, kidney, lungs one by one will fail, and I will die. It's me who has wasted the health and now I have to pay the price very soon, I am going to die. Sometimes I feel that I am the most worthless person and i should die soon, and i will die soon....


She Was Given Agnus Castus From 30 potency to Higher during 6 months of time and as on now she is free from Depression, Anxiety, Arrogance and Pains. No complaints regarding Menses and more over Happy with Great zeal and back to work


[Note: neurasthenia is a psychological disorder characterized by chronic fatigue and weakness, loss of memory, and generalized aches and pains, formerly thought to result from exhaustion of the nervous system.]


The Change of Life in Women and the Ills and Ailings Incident thereto & Homeopathy

A manual of homeopathic treatment for common conditions related to menopause; menstrual irregularities, hot flushes, night sweats, depression, sleep disturbances, tumors of breast, precancerous uterus, neurasthenia, retardation, prolapsed uterus, post-climacteric dyspepsia, retraction of nipples, and aching joints.

The publisher:

This book deals specifically with the role that Homoeopathy can play in beating complaints related to Menopause. This guide offers a safe and natual approch for women who are going through menopause. It offers detailed explanations of all aspects of the changes likely to be encountered during this period of a woman's life.
Accepting menopause as a natural and essentially positive stage in a woman's life, the author shows how to treat common discomforts that may arise before, during, or after menopause, including menstrual irregularities, hot flushes, night sweats, depression, sleep disturbances, tumors of breast, precancerous uterus, neurasthenia, retardation, prolapse uterus, post-climacteric dyspepsia, retraction of nipple and aching joints. Taking a broad perspective on promoting good health and general well-being, the author also covers ways to guard against diseases and suggests other self-help measures that will support homeopathic treatment. It suggests the real meaning of what THE CHANGE OF LIFE actually signifies. 
This is an excellent manual of homeopathic treatments, focusing solely on menopause stage of women.
- Illustrates a wide array of diseases related to Menopause and their homeopathic management
- Case illustrations for easy grasp of the subject
- Notes on Lyssinum. Jaborandi.Glinicum
- Svcosis at the change of life



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Your prescription is correct and perfect.


Thanks a lot Dr. Sajjad.
Good case taking.
Thanks a ton Dr. Rajneesh.
Did you plot out any specific rubrics? What lead you to agnus castus exactly?

Few Rubrics which were considered are as under:

MIND - DEATH - presentiment of
MIND - ANXIETY - health; about
MIND - ANXIETY - hypochondriacal
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - anticipation
MIND - AILMENTS FROM - sexual excesses
MIND - ANXIETY - health; about - own health; one's
MIND - CONCENTRATION - difficult - attention, cannot fix
MIND - DEATH - presentiment of - soon and that she cannot be helped; believes that she will die
MIND - DELUSIONS - worthless; he is
MIND - DESPAIR - recovery, of
MIND - DOUBTFUL - recovery, of
MIND - FEAR - health - ruined, that she has
MIND - HAUGHTY - alternating with - discouragement
MIND - MEMORY - weakness of memory
MIND - MEMORY - weakness of memory - sexual excesses; from
HEAD - PAIN - Temples - tearing pain
HEAD - TEMPLES; complaints of
FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX - MENSES - suppressed menses.......


Great work!
Thanks A  lot Dr. Valerian and Liz Brandegee.
Dear vikas,
I have no intention to object your case taking. Reading your post I immediately concluded that this woman who has now aversion to sex with other symptoms definitely needs Agnus.

Sir, I salute your knowledge and experience, I wish if i could be like you in my old age. Thanks for your guidance its all about learning with sharing. Keep posting and keep guiding.


Dr. Vikas verma

It was the gist of the conversation that went around for 1and half hr. with the patient, You can easily make out by reading the post that what sort of the patient she was. This different case and selection of the unusual medicine taught me many new aspects. Rightly Said " Every new case is An opportunity to Learn and Prove".


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