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Master J, age 12 years, consulted me on 29/04/2005 for the complaint of severe Vitamin A deficiency with skin eruptions with Phobias.


"Child is the creator of his own imaginations, he is the actor, director, story writer and producer everything"

Case of severe Vitamin A deficiency with phobias


Case has been edited for brevity

Italics are mine

My explanations are in bracket.


Master J, age 12 years, consulted me on 29/04/2005 for the complaint of severe Vitamin A deficiency with skin eruptions with Phobias.






Case witnessing process in a child's case can be divided into

1] Passive witnessing

2] Active witnessing

Passive case witnessing process:

(In passive case witnessing process, we are allowing the natural flow of the case without altering it. Whole aim is to passively listen the verbal and non-verbal language of the patient.)

Aim in Passive case witnessing process:

1) Pay attention to verbal and non-verbal expressions which are,

-         Out of Place.

-         Out of order.

-         Out of flow.

-         Out of content.

-         Out of proportion.

-         Out of your Knowledge.

-         Out of patient's knowledge.


2) Find what child is putting (Verbally or non-nonverbally) into the center/what focus in two-three different areas is.


M: - There are white rashes; they keep going up and down. They increase and then they become less, lots of them and lots of unnecessary fears in mind. Lots and lots of fears, to the extent that from the day when he started going to school, he started vomiting in the morning's everyday, but now slowly it has subsided. Just now he was talking to me that he still has fear that he will break his hand again. He has lots of fear and. lots of insecuritiesAnother e.g. is when I was going orphanage, for some work, one day he spontaneously asked me where are you going, I told him I am going to orphanage what is an orphanage I told him so I asked would you like to come with me spontaneously he said no, I said why? He said you'll leave me there.

(Mother goes out of the consulting room)


D: Tell me what's happening to you? Tell me everything?

P: One day I was playing with my friend he was on the slide and I was on the edge of the slide and at that time with little bit of speed on the slide I had fallen. I broke my hand and after that I am getting scared of everything.

D: Tell a bit about it?

P: So when I was up, I was going to the hospital and whole thing was wrapped up by plaster and after I removed it, I was very careful and got scared, that again I will break my hand. I was doing skating practice, at a very good pace, I was going very fast and I used to get scaredand left skating because of that.

D:        Tell a bit more about you, about your fears?

P:        My fear when I am running fast and all I may trip down whole on the ground and sometimes when she, my mother says come with me then I get fear that she will leave me somewhereI also get scared while I go down to play. I get scared that in my house, that whenever I am near some glass piece and I am very scared that my hand will break and again I will have to put rod in. That's all.

D: What else?

P: Nothing else

D:        Tell a bit more about you? Bit more about your fears? Bit more whatever     happens to you?

P: Sometimes I fall down and once I got hurt on my chest that time I had fear. I  have also fallen of down the rope. When I fell down I was very scared that something has broken and my backbone is broken. And my friends scare me that I am going to push you off the slide and you will fall off. (Obs: Hand goes to chest)


(We observe that lots of fears are coming up, fear of falling, breaking bones, injury with glass piece, mother leaving him etc. In Children cases, since they generally have lots of fears, we should avoid asking question about any particular fear. We need to wait till the focus of the child is clear. So we ask a general question here and passively listen to the child.)


D:        Very nice. Tell bit more about all your fears?

P: I don't have any more fears.


D:        Tell me a bit more about you?

P: Like what?

(Since the child during the Passive case witnessing doesn't go further with his fears, we try to explore other sub conscious area to find the focus.)




FOCUS OF THE CASE: Not clear, so we will have to go to other subconscious areas to find the focus.


IN TOUCH: He is in touch with himself.



(Here you use your intellect to alter the flow of case in right direction. Based on Passive case witnessing process, you become active on points which patient is focusing knowingly or unknowingly).

Aim of active case witnessing process:

1. To make focus/center of the case more clear.

2. To find focus if the focus is not clear in passive case witnessing process.

3. To explore the subconscious areas to get the center of the case.

4. To find the complete pattern of the case

to find the language of the source in the patient}


D:        Tell about yourself, your likings, your interest and hobbies?

P: My interest and hobby is art and reading books... and collecting stamps with my father...  And sometimes when I go down to play cricket, I get so scared when ball is coming towards me. I just bend down and after sometime I start playing and get very scared that I will break my hand again.



(When we ask the child about his interest and hobbies, interestingly we see that the child talks about the same fear again.)


D:        A bit more about you? Bit more about your interest and hobbies?

P: Sometimes I read books in night and then when I sleep I get dreams of it and nightmares then I wake up and I see I am on bed.


D:        What you see?

P: I see kind of... (PAUSE), in the olden age I used to see dinosaurs, they used to eat me and all. That time I used to be very scared. Sometimes I used to wake up also and go to the grandmother and ask her to come and tell me stories then only I used to sleep. That's all.


(Here we observe the language the child uses; "in the olden age I used to see dinosaurs." This is completely out of place, so we make note of it)

D:        Ok no problem. Tell me about that when you are alone in the house, what happens to you?

P: When I am alone in the house I am very scared and want my mother immediately. So that she can help me. After that I don't get scared when alone in the house. My sister goes down, sometimes my maid goes down. My grandmother goes down for a walk, my father goes to office and my mother goes to market and I am alone in the home that time I get scared and I want my mother immediately at that time.


D:        So what scares you when you are all alone in the house? What happens to you?

P: I get scared like some kind of demon (H.G: Closing his fist) is behind me I get very scared about that.


D:        About what?

P: About that thing is coming behind me. (H.G: closing the fist)_

D:        What I didn't understand?

P: See ,if I am at home alone ok then, I think that suppose if I am walking into my room and putting on light inside the room its very dark and I get scared of that dark. I think some kind of creatures are coming behind me who will  kill me. (HG)

D:        Describe that a bit to understand.

P: I see some person who is putting cloth around him and taking me to a dangerous place. Some one is putting cloth around him and taking me somewhere... (Pause) that's the fear when I go and I see it's my sister. She is wrapping cloth around and pulling me there.

My fear is like in the darkness, like some kind of thing I don't know what thing but it is coming behind me wherever I am walking ahead ... and sometimes when I go on the road to other building to play, I think someone is coming behind me each time and then I go faster someone is coming faster behind me. (HG)

D:        Describe it bit more?

P: When I see that person coming behind me I go very fast and sometimes I fall on the road and I have fear that I have broken my hand. So my fear is only that

D:        What?

P: About darkness. When I am in school I have fear that I will break my hand or body pieces.


(Here we see that the fear is of some kind of thing/creature coming behind him and fear that he will break his body. Now slowly slowly everything is getting connected and clearer picture is emerging)


D:        Very nice tell more about this. What other fears you have when you are alone?

P: When I am alone I just get fear that when my friends and teachers are not there in the class I get fear that no one is there're and something can capture me and take me away. Than who will get me home? So that is all my fear and I have more fears than that only about darkness or when I am alone with my friends of falling off somewhere. My fear is only the darkness, when I break my hand and when I am alone at home.


(Here we see that ‘Something can capture me and take me away' this expression is coming in three different areas i.e. house, classroom, while playing and in different verbal expressions not related to each other.)


D:        Take you away means?

P:        (LONG PAUSE)

(The child is not able to go ahead any further, but we also know that the focus of the child lies in all these fears. So we slightly modify our question here to get the complete altered pattern.)

D:        What are the things from which you get scared the most?

P: Sometimes my sister tells me stories of ghosts. That time I see it and that makes me scared, ghosts are coming in real life in front of me.

D:        Tell me a story that makes you very very scared?

P: It is a book called Harry potter. That makes me very scared because there are many kinds of... dragons and invisible things.

D:        Scared of what?

P: I am scared of only monsters and kind of things. Even though now I think my mother also a monster.

(Observation: Moving hand very vigorously, became very anxious.)

D:        What?

P: Even now I think my mother is kind of big and she looks like a monster.

D:        Tell about it a little bit. Don't worry. It will be highly secret. Just tell about it.

P: I also sometimes think that my father can also sometimes take away something of mine and I get very scared where it will be.That makes me afraid but he doesn't do anything.

(Observation: Moving hands very restlessly)

(Now this is something very strange as he initially told that he needs mother's company when scared and now he says mother is a kind of monster, imagines that father will take away something of his. So we make note of this.)

D:        Tell a bit more?

P: When I see movies like The Mummy, that time I think its real life and I get very scared because if that.

D:        Very nice you are telling, a bit more?

P: (PAUSE)... I don't have anything to say about my fear.

D:        Tell a bit more about it.

P:        According to me, they can eat me. I have seen a small dragon in my real life. I have never seen a very big. My father had taken me to China you know it's a land of dragons. Once dragon came over there and all Chinese rushed over there and I and my father also went I held it in my hand then afterwards I got very scared of dragons.

D:        Tell a bit about it?

P: From the Chinese calendar my mother is a dragon so I get very scared of her and SSSS I think so she is going to I don't know do what with me.

(So we understand that he has many fears of dinosaurs, demons, dragons, ghosts and monsters. Initially he said that his mother is a monster and now he says that she is a dragon. This shows that probably the monster and dragon mean the same for him. Now to get the complete picture we ask him the following.)



D:        What that dragon looks like?

P:        Dragon looks like a dinosaur with wings, a big tail, who can throw fire.

D:        I didn't understand?

P: A dragon is a big dinosaur with wings and a big tail and which can throw fire. I have burnt my hand because of that small baby dragon. From that day I am getting fears of things of ghosts, vampires and everything, the things are invisible. I don't have more to say... (Pause)They have big legs and they can throw me into the big volcano where he lives.

D:        What do you mean by that?

P:        They live in hot places where no one can stay it comes out already. Lava comes out of its red hot water and only after fire it will still be hot. So when we enter that place immediately we get burnt a lot and we die.

(Spontaneously he connects the dragon to dinosaur and gives complete descriptions of it and even imaginary fears appears real to him.)

D:        Tell me about your nightmares?

P: Nightmares I get of dragons as I told you in China. That's all.

D:        What you see in your nightmares?

P: I see dragon is coming in this world and he killed ........ (Child opens his mouth wide to show how the dragon does) Break our flats and kill all of us. And that's my nightmare... His face looks like A big dinosaur with lot of sharp teeth, having 2 big... rods covered with skin. He can throw out fire. He has green eyes inside black, white outside he is fully covered with orange its very dangerous. (HG)

(As the child is at the delusion level of experience, we can take help of the ‘drawings' to

unfold the entire pattern of the child.)


D:        Can you draw for me?

P: I don't know drawing.

D:        Just a rough sketch of it, that dragon.

P: I will tryIt's having large legs and whenever he gets angry, flame on tail becomes very big. First the tail is fat then thin. When it's angry from that fire     and flame turns very big and large.


(We see that in every area i.e. in stories, his perception about mother, nightmares and drawing, we get the same picture of dragon. Dragon is like big dinosaur, with big legs, big tail, sharp teeth and destroying the big buildings, putting fires.

Now we explore the other sub-conscious areas for confirmation.)



D:        What other dreams you see?

P: I don't see any other dream. Every day I continue the dream.

D:        Which dream?

P:        Dream of dragon.

D:        What is dragon doing in your dream?

P: Kind of destroying the whole world, places one he goes. One fine day the whole world is destroyed and he is also destroyed.


D:        He is destroying the world I didn't understand?

P: Dragon is destroying the world places where he is entering, destroying it whole world, all the cities and that's the fear.



D:        So what you like to see on the T.V.?

P: In National Geography I like to see Mega Structures and they build buildings on that.

D:        What you see? Mega?

P:        Mega structures and on discovery like discovery of India in the older ages, ancient civilization etc. How they used to make 1stwheel into our wheels of today in cars. They used to tell us how cricket bats used to make.

D:        Tell about it?

P: 1st they used to make tyres of wood. Then they used to make rubber and they used to work only on some cars. Then they made little bit more, steel, inside and around it. Then they got how to make these stamp tyres.

D:        You told, you like to watch mega structures. Tell a bit about it?

P: Mega structure is a big building, biggest building. Even if a stone goes on a glass, it will bounce back. And there is a big ball inside. I think if I was there I would have felt big dragon inside it. If we open, he keeps on throwing out balls of fire. (HG of hand is moving with whole explanation)


(Strangely here he connects the Mega structure with the Dragon. This confirms that the dragon i.e. the dinosaur is not just an image but the source.

Now we go ahead to understand, what he experiences within his body with this fear of dragon, in a way what is his inner sensation in this fear.)


D:        With all these fears, what happens inside your body?

P: I get a kind of jerk in my body and I then calm down back. (Child shows the jerk)

D:        What happens to you?

P: I just feel like crying and going to my mother and telling her about this. That I have got some kind of thing inside my body and that I cannot explain it to her.

D:        What thing is there inside your body?

P:        My mother. A dragon is there inside my body.

D:        What happens inside your body at that time?

P:        I think a dragon is there just stamping at my body and giving me jerks.

D:        Tell about it?

P: When it bounces, I get jerks and I think that's an earthquake inside me.

D:        That's an earthquake inside you? I didn't understand?

P: It's actually a dragon inside me which I think is stamping on me and I think it as a boy throwing a stone inside and is actually not, that I think in my mind, a boy is throwing stone inside and that keeps on bouncing inside. That's how I get jerks.

D:        I still didn't understand. Tell me again?

P: It's a boy throwing stone inside me and is passing through all my places and reaches here (Child points to the chest) and bouncing then it stops.

D:        But actually a dragon you said?

P: But for me, the dragon.

D:        I didn't understand come again?

P: See, sometimes I think a dragon or a stone inside me. But once when I think of dragon's story it's a dragon. Sometimes I also think about fracture that is actually a boy throwing stone.

D:        I didn't understand. What do you mean by that?

P:        When I am getting a jerk no, I think a dragon is stamping the place. But when I think of a fracture I think a boy is throwing stone inside me.

(Here we see that he connects the fear of a fracture with the dragon. Now we understand why he kept saying fear of falling, breaking bones during the passive case witnessing process.)

D:        A boy is throwing a?

P: Stone inside me and that is bouncing a lot.

D:        Describe that stone and a boy?

P: It's like a dragon and dragon is like boy.

D:        I didn't understand?

P:        If I want to describe boy, boy like dragon and if I have to describe the dragon, dragon is like a boy.

Journey towards Awareness

D:        So right now when talking about your fears, what is happening inside your body?

P: I am getting jerks still.

D:        What is happening right now?

P:        Now I am still thinking that dragon is stamping in. I am getting scared that dragon is there.

D:        Draw something which you hate and like the most?


D:        Describe these drawings.

P: This is the face of the dragon which is there in my abdomen. This dragon jumps in my abdomen. And this one is the picture of the bone which is very old may be thousand year old.

D:        How does it feel to see this dragon?

P:         Same feeling, as if something is jumping in my abdomen and hitting me.




The energy of the child which expressed in all the higher and lower forms of mother (Since the foetus in the womb has no form of its own it expresses its energy through the host that is the mother through her emotions, dreams, delusions etc.), can understood by understanding

-        Change in mother's state locally, generally and vitally.

-        Change in way she think, feel, perceive, sense, react and depth and pace of all this.

-        Change in dreams.

-        Change in physical generals and physical particulars

D:        During that nine months what changes did you observe in you physically mentally and emotionally?

M: Physically nothing, everything was fine except nausea in the beginning. Mentally there was no change in me, everything was smoothly moving.


D:        Any unusual dream which was not part of you and you saw during those nine


M: Yes, there was one dream which came up couple of times and I never saw before or after pregnancy. I used to see this very tall buildings, tall animals; much larger then their size.

D:        What was the feeling associated with the dream?

M: Feeling as if I have gone in to ancient age where all animal used to be in larger size, everything used to be big. Now I remember, once I also saw the dinosaur but I don't remember anything about it now.


(The same thing gets confirmed in the mother's history during pregnancy.)




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