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Case & Patient Testimonial on Homoeopathy and Multiple Myeloma Grade 3

Health Report

A case of  Mumliple myeloma grade 3.
A gentle man aged 45 years complained of severe pain in the neck, with tingling numbness and great difficulty in movement of the neck. He had this complaints for at least 5 months for which he was diagnosed Multiple Myeloma and was subjected to Chemotherapy and some radio therapy which unfortunately did not suit him.
His CT scan of the neck showed a partial collapse of the D3 vertebra and severe muscular spasm. He is a business man by profession and has a lovely family of a wife and a young daughter.

On his mental history he had suffered a huge loss of money due to a huge scam in the financial stock market. He had trusted his co-business partner who indirectly cheated him and when questioned regarding the same he was insulted. All these years he harbored the suppressed anger which had brought him practically to the streets. He wanted to shout out loud but the shock was to great to express which he bore inside for many years. On probing further he never shows his anger but always suppresses it. 

He is a religious man and never enters into conflicts. His favorite food is rice which he loves piping hot. Understanding the psycho physiological aspect of this patient it was very evident that Staphisagria is the only drug of choice. Rubrics: Ailments from Indignation, suppressed anger, speechless, craving Rice. Kent talks on Bone troubles, inflammation of periosteum.

Staph 1M dose in divided doses was given. The rest they say is history.
A follow-up after a month revealed that there was marked improvement in terms of pain and mobility of the neck. The oncologists too were surprised with his results. Since then he followed up regularly for a period of 11/2 - 2 years with no complaints and a very free mind. I have taken special permission for putting his testimonial for general public viewing and he is very glad about it.

Mr. Mahendra Pawar, would like to share my wonderful experience with my present doctor, Dr. Ravi Doctor. He is a man with an amazing experience of doctoring the patients with love, and utmost care.

In the month of something around October-November, 2007, I could feel a minor pain in my shoulder. I, as usual, visited my family doctor and took certain medications prescribed by him. Even after 2-3 visits I could not feel it retarding. I tried some kind of oil massages, but it didn’t work at all. Then someone suggested the name of Dr. Mukhi in Mulund. He suggested me to go for a MRI. In the report it was diagnosed that my spine had seen a partial D1 collapse with altered marrow signal. Dr. Mukhi advised me to take bed rest, I came to know seriousness  of my illness and immediately I got admitted in the same hospital that was 23rd December 2006. Meanwhile he got done my  CT-guided Biopsy. Ct-guided FNAC of D1 vertebral lesion showed mainly lymphocytes and plasma \cells. It was also diagnosed that I had multiple myeloma. The doctor referred me to Dr. S.H. Advani the chief medical oncologist at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai.

It  was 4th January 2007 1st week of new year I have been shifted from Dr.Mukhi’s Hospital to Jaslok. Dr. S. H. Advani had examined  me as  well as my earlier reports and very firs he gave me confidence that nothing to worry about as it is initial stage and you will be all right within a span of short time. In Jaslok I underwent  Chemo-therapy  1st cycle,  then from 16th to 27th 

Jan 2007 they gave me 10 doses of 30cGy of radiation for 12 days. They gave me discharge on 27th Jan 2007 till that time I could stood on my legs but I became totally week and strengthless. After that I took 5 more cycles of Chemo-therapy by gap of 21 days. 16-06-2007 to 16/06/20007 was my last admission in Jaslok Hospital. After that I again underwent some Ultrasound of left shoulder and groin, Bone Marrow Aspiration there I got satisfactory reports. Till then to get longer relief. Dr. Advani had asked me to go for Cell transplant treatment which was so expensive and painful.

Financially it was not possible for me to go for such a treatment and after getting demo of such a painful treatment I could never mentally prepared for the same and I was little bit worried about my life.

Meantime I came to know about Dr. Ravi Doctor, Just like a call for life, I went to him with my all previous reports. He gone through all my previous reports. He is a  homeopathy doctor, he started treating me his modus operandi made me feel even better than his medicines, he started building up my confidence level . I started taking his homeopathy medicine. After two-three  weeks I felt like I could recover my health, I am getting back my energy, freshness and all.  It has become almost a year and a half that I am taking treatment from him.  By his homeopath medicine I could maintain my complete blood counting in normal range. Every month I have been doing my blood reports.   Now the day has arrived that I can even stop the medication and live a life free of Cancer.

I feel that Dr. Ravi Doctor is a god-sent angel in my life. And I would like to thank him and Homoeopathy from the bottom of my heart.

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