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A Short Acute case of cough and sore throat:
A few days ago, an elderly man visited with me complaining of cough. His cough was so tormenting.  It was almost continuous, the bouts of cough were very long occurring without stopping.


Observation is very important in this case. I am sharing with all of you. Probably we can get the remedy with a consensus. Each and every word is important. Please note, it was just few days back when winter had just begun.


He entered the an almost full visiting chamber.  He took the seat and suddenly started coughing. The cough seems unstoppable. The long paroxysm of cough were making him terrible. Everybody in the chamber was worried as the cough was not stopping. I heard it from my chamber and asked my staff to give him a glass of water, so that at least his cough would stop and he may breathe. The staff did as I requested, she offered water to him. He held the glass in his hand and said in a commanding voice, " IDIOT, BRING COLD WATER!"


My compounder employee came in and said he is a nonsense fellow, "I am not going to give water for he is abusing me."  I said give him cold water. The receptionist went and gave him water. He almost snatched the glass with a jerk from her hand and drank.  The cold water gave him relief.


I was surprised to see him drinking cold water in such cold weather and in a cozy warm clinic. On investigation, he introduced himself as the Deputy Superintendent of police (DySP).  His son said he is retired now, but he was behaving as if he was Commissioner of police, a very senior post.


I asked him how many days this cough was going on? He replied in an angry tone, since a month he was having this trouble with a sore inflamed throat. The cough was dry in evening and in the night, but loose in morning. The breath had an offensive smell and a very bad metallic taste. He said, "Listen, this cough should get better today. I have heard a lot about you. You have to do it doctor, okay?" The cough gets worse in cold air. Look at the contradiction he says that he is ameliorated by cold drinks. His cough responded so well to ............. medicine. What could be that? I know  my fellow homoeopaths will reach the curative remedy.

Notes, Session 6 
Massimo Mangialavori
Precious and Base Metals

A series of seminar notes that provides an introduction to the working methods of the leading Italian homeopath Massimo Mangialavori. Volume 6 describes the relationship between various families.

The four elements are discussed as well as the various salts of the “seven”: Aurum, Argentum, Plumbum, Stannum, Cuprum, Ferrum and Mercurius.

In addition, there is a discussion of the precious metals such as Platinum, Palladium, Niccolum, and Chromium, and of the relationships between metals, plants, animals and nosodes.

The publisher: Session Six of the International Postgraduate Course in Bologna Edited by Vicki Burley. The focus is on the relation between logical and analogical perspective. The history of Alchemy and the four elements in relation to this group of remedies is presented. The concept of homeopathic families is discussed. The remedies discussed include: Aurum arsenicosum, Aurum muriaticum, Aurum muriaticum natronatum, Argentum metallicum, Argentum muriaticum, Cuprum arsenicosum, Cuprum metallicum, Cuprum sulphuricum, Ferrum arsenicosum, Ferrum metallicum, Ferrum muriaticum, Ferrum phosphoricum, Ferrum nitricum, Ferrum silicata, Ferrum sulphuricum, Ferrum valerianicum, Mercurius iodatum flavus, Mercurius corrosivus, Plumbum chromicum, Plumbum metallicum, Stannum, Stannum iodatum.

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MIND - DELUSIONS - commander; being a
MIND - DELUSIONS - officer, he is an
MIND - ABUSIVE - insulting
MIND - IRRITABILITY - talking - while
MIND - DICTATORIAL - talking with air of command
COUGH - DRY - evening
COUGH - DRY - night
COUGH - DRY - daytime - loose at night
COUGH - LOOSE - morning
COUGH - OLD people
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - cold drink, cold water - desire
COUGH - DRINKS - cold - amel.

What remedy will you suggest?

He has no delusion he is a commander or an officer - he really is one. That is not an appropriate way to use the Delusion section. One could easily argue for 'Domineering' or 'Speaking with an air of command' but I imagine this would be his NORMAL way of dealing with situations because of his position and type of work. At the very least you could not be sure if it is a disease symptom (change of state) or not which makes it unreliable for prescriptions. This would be like using 'Delusion she is noble' for the Queen of Britain - it is not an aspect of disease but something outside of them, it is the real life situation rather than a remedy state.

Without knowing what his normal state is and how it has changed with the cough, I would probably focus on what I could be sure is peculiar - the cough modality. Worse for cold air but better for cold drinks is a peculiar of Causticum and of Phosphorous.

Dear David. Your response was very considered and thoughtful. This person was under no "delusion" of his status. Rather, he attained this designation during his life time. If this particular rubric was deleted, perhaps the weight of the remaining rubrics could confirm the selection of Cuprum metallicum?

Perhaps the peculiar of cough better cold drinks but generally worse cold air could lead phosphorous or causticum?

According to me the possibility can be between the first two because in every case sensations and modalities are more important;


Cough morning with expectoration, evening without;

Mind, disposition irritability,

Conditions,agg and amel,cold drinks amel;

Cough constant.

Sep, puls. others are Bry, Phos.

The remedy prescribed was cuprum met. 

Intelligent. Different software loaded with different repertories gives different result. It is not unusual

Complete repertory 2012(Zandvoort)

Cough, drinks, cold, amel.

Cough, dry, evening, loose in morning.

Cough, constant.

It is cup met.


Dear Dr Ravindra - Thank you for visiting and posting this repertorization chart. Very helpful.


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