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A baby born a normal delivery at home she was the seventh child of the parents,
but the amazing thing was that she was neither crying nor making any movement in the whole process of delivery.

I was told that the baby has remained motionless since the last two hours and her body was icy cold.

The baby was brought to my clinic and really she was motionless and only a slight life was sensed by me as her nose was breathing a very cool air. All the body was as cool as ice.

The symptoms were indicating the homeopathic remedy carbo-veg. I gave only three doses of the carbo-veg 30C and she was totally recovered. At the time of this writing, the child had now grown to three years old. A very cute and intelligent baby.

That baby was rejected by the hospital authorities as she was determined to have a life of one or two hours only. 


Charcoal for detoxification

As we see in the case of the baby above, charcoal is related to life, breath and the need for oxygen. We use charcoal to filter water and in fish tanks to bubble air to provide oxygen for the fish. There are other uses for charcoal in a more crude form for purifying degeneration, anaerobic activity in areas that lack fresh air; rather than using potentized homeopathic energy remedies.

Charcoal has been used to treat poisonings and drug overdoses. Today, health professionals use charcoal as cleansers and detoxification in the body.

Homeopaths typically call upon Nux Vomica in alcohol binge overdose; but, activated charcoal can serve a similar purpose. It may work by binding to toxins in the digestive tract. 

The absorbent properties of charcoal help it to bind to toxins, metals and chemicals, which are then flushed out of the body with the excrement.  Cleaning the gut helps to clear the brain from toxins that pass through the blood brain barrier and affect our thinking and brain function. 

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It is equally effective for animals. Many times I have seen the miracles of Carbo Veg.
Dr. Khan thanks for discuss the case
Dr Khan, thank you for this discussion, my son needed Carbo veg at birth.
His head came out and got stuck and he tried to breath and got blue really quickly. He cried a great deal although but his breathing was really quick and short and after 2 hours when he was getting cold, i gave him carbo-v 30c and instantly fluid ran down his nose and he got warm.
Thanks dear for your quick response i hope we will share a lot on this forum.dr.khan
Dear Dr Thanking you this discussion
with regards
Dr. Khan
With your permission may I repost your(copy/paste) case to the Birthing center In bali Indonesia?

Dear Dr Khan ~ There is a recent NYTimes article about premature babies. I'm wondering if Carbo Veg would be a good match here during respiratory distress or other remedies come to mind.

Childbirth: Respiratory Distress in Premature Infant
A study says babies born six weeks prematurely are 40 times as likely as full-term infants to suffer respiratory distress syndrome. This doesn't come as any surprise to me as the infant did not have time to fully develop. “The pulmonary system is the last system to develop in the fetus,” said Dr. Judith U. Hibbard of the University of Illinois and the paper’s lead author.

In respiratory distress syndrome, the tiny air sacs of the infant’s lungs do not fully open because of a lack of surface lubricant, making breathing difficult. It is one of the most common complications of late preterm deliveries.

It seems, if only the medical community were open to homeopathy, we could provide gentle, rapid action to heal these infants. And, perhaps, help the mothers keep the infants until full term.

Thanks madam Debby for the comment,The caro veg can play an important role in the respiratory disorders . dr. khan

Carboveg is really a life saving drug.During my early practice, I was called in the night to see an old man, who was almost rendered a skeleton, with a low pulse, semiconscious,completely exhausted by frequent asthmatic attacks. I requested them to carry the patient to the hospital, as all his vital signs were unfavorable,but they wanted homeopathic medicine, thinking that I can set the things right, they avoided going to Hospital.

Looking to the symptoms


I prescribed Carboveg 30, reluctantly ,with out any confidence in me and my medicine, even on my way back I was thinking of returning back and asking the son of the patient, once again, to remove the old man to Hospital, as he needed oxygen with out any further delay.Any how I couldn't do this, and came back home.Two days passed and I didn't have the courage to contact the patient, as I thought they might had moved him to Hospital.On the third day,the son of the old man came back with a smile on his face and told me that his father was feeling much better and even started moving with in the house.I was taken by a pleasant surprise, it being my early days of practice, it boosted my confidence in Homeopathy and the small pills and Carboveg.
Carbo vegetabilis Vegetable Charcoal
Crushing: RULE 8 (Hahnemann used the charcoal birch).
It is the greatest medicine of agony in the last period of any disease, with Hippocratic face, cold skin, cold sweat and copious, cold breath, cold tongue, voice off, he can still save lives. Collapse.
Occipital headaches. Premature children bluish in color. Ma breath, difficulty breathing. Carbo vegetabilis 30CH 5 drops of 1 in 1 hour.
The patient wants to be constantly shaken in any disease.
Bronchitis of old; asthma of children with blue skin. Purulent pleurisy.
Hair loss after childbirth or a serious illness.
Spasmodic cough after whooping cough, hoarseness after measles. Chronic hoarseness, worse in the evening.
Dyspepsia with excessive bloating of the stomach belching, acidity, stomach pain. Cancer of the stomach with ardor. It is the remedy of belching. Bad effects caused by fish, salty and rancid fats.
A good remedy for pyorrhea (it is a chronic suppuration of the alveoli of the teeth, with the effect of footedness, which are soft and fall) take on 3DH trit.
Itching and burning in the vulva, causing sexual arousal.
Useful in patients who are dating their uncomfortable since I suffered this or that this or that disease or accident.
Hemorrhage from any mucosal surface. Bleeding dark cachectic and debilitated people.
Also good to take to prevent health, it is a detoxifying the body.
DOSE: 1DH trit. 3CH the trit. 5CH the 1000CH.
nice & informative... Thank you.
Very good discussion.


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