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Dr Guillermo wrote a blog about cancer treatments and homeopathy.
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Turning towards homeopathy to treat cancer

Researcher claims successful treatment of 104 patients

Sunday, May 31, 2009
By Perwez Abdullah


Dr Syed Mahboob Alam, a doctor working towards his doctoral degree under the supervision of former Chairman of the University of Karachi (KU) Pharmacognosy Department Dr Mansoor Ahmed, has discovered that various types of cancer could be treated by administering herbal medicines to the patients in the homeopathic system. It was usually perceived before this research that there was no cure for cancer in allopathic or homeopathic system of medicine.

Alam has, to date, received 107 patients suffering from different types of cancer including throat, breast, mouth and bone cancer and has successfully treated 104 patients. Two patients withdrew and one died of the ailment. Out of 104 patients, 38 chose homeopathic system without seeking treatment elsewhere, while 66 patients turned to Alam after becoming disillusioned with other systems of treatment.

The successful treatment of patients came to knowledge of Alam while working on his PhD thesis ‘Investigation on the different maligns curing properties of Herbal Homeopathic Drugs, Thuja Occindentalis, Taraxacum Offincinalis, Conium Maculatum, Chelidonum Majus, Cistus Canadensis’. It might be of some interest that Conium Maculatum was the drug given to Socrates.

Alam and Ahmed conducted the clinical studies at Dr Nadir Homeopathic Hospital, Super Highway, Hussaini Institute of Alternative Medicine, Old Hussaini Blood Blank opposite Nishtar Park, and Sindh Medical Centre, Hilal-e-Ahmer, Clifton, Karachi. Ahmed told The News that they have opened Al-Murtaza Homeopathic Hospital in Ancholi Society to treat the patients for research and humanitarian purpose.

The researchers took detailed histories of prior illnesses from each patient. They were specifically asked about environmental exposure (including smoking history), tuberculosis and autoimmune disorders, previous immunosuppressive therapy, hepatitis B or hepatitis C, HIV infection, abnormal Papanicolaou test, human papillomavirus infection, etc.

Alam claimed that cardiac disease is number one ailment in the world followed by cancer. “More specifically we can say that there is no complete cure of cancer in the allopathic system of medicine. However, we have the cure of cancer by herbal medicines through homeopathic system. These drugs act when they are administered to the patient in diluted form. They inhibit the cancerous cells and provide immunity against unwanted physiological process. The treatment can be administered regardless of age, intensity and period of disease,” said Alam while explaining the treatment process.

Ahmed said that the patients were also asked in detail about the exposure to chemical carcinogens if any at their workplace (Occupational History). “It is very important for us to know what type of work a patient does. Aromatic amines cause bladder cancer, arsenic cause lung and skin cancer, Asbestos cause lung cancer and Mesothelioma Benzene causes Leukemia, Chromates cause lung cancer and Diesel exhaust causes lung cancer.”

In most cases the patients are unaware that they have been victim of cancer. It only comes to light when they (patients) grudgingly come to the doctors to get treatment. By that time it is already very late. “Herbal medicines work like magic,” Ahmed said. He hinted that in this clinical study, 106 diagnosed cases of cancers of different types were studied and in majority of the cases, the standard allopathic treatment that is surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy had failed; homoeopathic treatment was then compared to surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

“Homoeopathy is a system of natural healthcare in which extreme dilutions of substances from nature are used to stimulate a healing response. The basic principle of homoeopathy is that the substance that elicit a particular symptom picture in their physical form (for example onion causing itching mostly and running nose with discharge that burns) can be used in diluted form to stimulate the healing of the same set of symptoms.”


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