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Yesterday evening while watching GEO news USA, I was startled by a news clip on Homeopathic Cancer medicine made from scorpion venom in Cuba.

It was a very short clip and the only thing that I noted was that a press conference was being held in a hotel in Havana, Cuba where it was officially announced by Cuban authorities that Cuba has developed a Homeopathic medicine for cancer made out of venom of scorpion; and that it has proved effective in cancer treatment enough to apply for international registration. The report added that application was turned down as it was HOMEOPATHIC in nature.

Cubans are very particular about making such tall claims unless their research warrants it to be true enough. Their research and use of a Nosode in a recent epidemic was announced in an international seminar and their effort to use Homeopathy was well received.

The current news about this scorpion medicine for cancer needs to be followed about its effectiveness in more detail. I am not aware of any contact in Cuba to elaborate on this. If any of our HWC members can help, it will be worthwhile to know more about this finding and will clear the facts from fiction.

If true, then it augurs well on this birthday of father of homeopathy Hahnemann.   

Spider and Scorpion Remedies in Homeopathy Jonathan Hardy

Often mistrusted, sometimes loathed, these creeping, crawling creatures are among the most distinctive Animal remedies in the homeopathic materia medica. Exploiting his zoological background and extensive clinical experience, Jonathan Hardy offers a vivid and enticing portrait of the Arachnid Group and its members, for both adults and children.

General themes, extracted from provings, case and repertories, are presented for the Arachnids overall, and there are clear differentiations for Spiders and Scorpions old and new. Typical physical pathology includes neurobehavioural and eating disorders, chronic fatigue and extremity symptoms.

These main strands are skilfully interwoven with information on miasms and specific biological features, offering choice morsels for individual remedies. We learn, for example, that size and self-confidence are central issues for the passive species Aranea diadema, whose much smaller male risks being eaten during mating. Aranea ixobola has the greatest anxiety regarding family members, and may suffer from psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis; while concerns over safety loom particularly large for Tegenaria atrica. The analysis is supported throughout by colour photos and nearly twenty case histories, completing a fine web of interconnected material and shedding valuable light on this corner of the Animal Kingdom.

Another scorpion story

News story

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Thank you, your observation are correct. That was the reason I posted the news and wanted HWC members to comment and if possible get the detail from Cuban Homeopaths, or their health ministry to shed more light on this subject. Sooner or later there will be inputs on the subject. Till then we have to wait.

Here is the news which I found while surfing the web


Why homeopaths out rightly deny everything pertaining to homeopathy. If that is the case then deny Drosera rotundifolia as specifics for Whooping cough, which Hahnemann himself attested to (just an example). See the foot note of this remedy in Allen's key note for proof.

In my opinion any remedy can be specific and similimum or both at the same time. What I mean by this is if a certain remedy is specific for a pressing symptom that patient is suffering , but is not a similimum, I will still give it to the patient, to bring down the frequency and intensity and then try to find a deep acting similimum, Yes I will prefer a similimum in every case, but not necessarily.

If this scorpion venom which acts as analgesic and anti-inflammatory (as the news suggest) and further if this remedy can act on cell cycle replication, I would consider it as specific for Cancer, further I would also use it as similimum when ever it shows up in reportorization.

I do not find any difficulty is accepting something which is going to help my patient. The minute we start going technical (theoretic medicine-per Hahnemann) we are not doing service to the suffering mankind, we are in fact doing dis-service to humanity due to our narrow view points.

Following is the text of the news mentioned by Dr Subahs.They have referred to "Blue Scorpion".May be the venom from this type may have anti cancer properties.

The statement "After a detailed, responsible and serious investigation on the toxin, we have found it is harmless to human beings. There have been toxology and medical studies on chronic patients and we haven’t found any side effects." cannot be set aside.But future investigation and clinical use will be the actual test of this homeopathic medicine.

CNEWS: Cuban researchers held a news conference on Tuesday as they start the first phase of registering a new homeopathic remedy for cancer patients with a base of scorpion venom. The remedy, an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, is widely used on the island and helps raise the quality of life for patients, but it has not been registered for international sale. Dr. Jose Fraga Castro, the president of the Cuban Biological and Pharmaceutical Laboratory (Labiofam), said the remedy has no side effects. After a detailed, responsible and serious investigation on the toxin, we have found it is harmless to human beings. There have been toxology and medical studies on chronic patients and we haven’t found any side effects. There is no risk of death if taken orally, he said. Rumors of the effectiveness of the venom-based drug brought hundreds to the island in search of the blue scorpion. The solution, known as Escozul in Cuba, was first developed in the 1990s in the Guantanamo province
Hi Dr.Wequar !
Thanks for posting this interesting info. Odalys Cespedes, a Cuban homeopath told me about their research with this remedy two month ago, but she did not want to be precise about the results because the studies were not finished yet. I was glad to get some points from her for an interview, but never heared from her again... and all other Cuban homeopath are silent too...

But my thought is, can we really focus on "cancer" or any other type of "disease" with homeopathic treatment ? Considering that we treat our patients according to their symptoms and not based on any disease nosolgy I'm really curious to hear their claims...

But I will try to contact her again to get further details !

Best regards,
Dr Katja,thank you for shedding some light on this issue. it is surprising that "---all other Cuban homeopaths are silent too...." How ever it is heartening to see them making effort to do research on homeopathic medicine and that too on disease like cancer.

Cancer has and is being treated by homeopathic medicines and to some success.In this connection i would like to mention a few names who have proved their claims with record and statistics.

Dr A. U. Ramakrishnan.from Chenai India.Who specializes in treating cancer cases.You may have seen his cured case statistics in Hpathy Forums.He lectures and attends seminars on this subject throughout the world.His latest was i think in California only this year.

Dr Subrata Kumar Banerjea , a fourth generation homeopath from Kolkata India,now running a homeopathic medical college near London.He has to his credit curing many lung cancer cases.He supports all his cases with very thorough records,of treatment, with video recording of the cases. He and his son collaborated with American Cancer Research Institute to do research on 50 lung cancer patients also.

Dr Farokh J Master of Mumbai,who is also editor of HERITAGE Homeopathic Journal published by B Jain Publishers of New Delhi India.He also takes cases and has had success in many cancer cases to his credit.Has written many books on the subject,lectured throughout the world,and has been keynote speaker in many seminars on subject of cancer.

So i can say that Homeopathy can cure cancer,though their may be limitations to it today.But with research more doctors will be able to treat cancer with homeopathy in time to come.

The experience of these and many hidden gems in the community will one day bear fruit.I remain optimistic for tomorrow at least, if not today.

Dear Dr Wequar, members:

This reminds me when a number of years ago, a member (I rather avoid name) of the Homeopathic Association in Guadalajara came back from Cuba with the news that he and others cuban homeopaths had developed a homeopathic formula to anesthetize patients until such an extent that you could perform surgical procedures in them. When we asked to unveil the point, he always went on a tangent saying that was a matter of making a presentation (for me it was more due to money). In this case I agree with Dr. K C Chandran Nambiar... The best way to know whether a drug will be used for a certain disease is by knowing its pathogenesis through pure experimentation on a large lot of healthy patients...Otherwise, how could we use the similar law...we would be standing up on the allopathic land.

"Rules for an authentic experimentation"

Best regards
Dr. G

Thanks for your comments Dr.Wequar and Guillermo !
I fear the problem with Cuban homeopath may be rather due to political reasons, or who knows... I got promised a lot but never got anything. Even their email-accounts do not work anymore after some time.

But I agree, cancer can be treated and cured with homeopathy, if applied properly according to the laws and principles of homeopathy.

Thank you all for your valued inputs. It opens our mind to think in more pragmatic way to accept or reject any thing, in this case homeopathy and cancer.

Let us hope that Cubans will in future will give full detail of their experiments in homeopathy according to the laws as laid down in the Organon. This message should get across to them.


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