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Hello dear ,

My question is simple and short , can thermal condition change constitution or whole drug picture?

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Only when they are prominent during disease.
Dear Doctor , i have patient of apthehae , her internal cheeks are swllon , white coated, aggarivate warm application, amileration by cold , her constitution is warm, i gave her puls but no improvement, then i give her Phos but rezult is same . what should i do , her other symptoms are thirst normal, no mouth smell or salive, no mouth heat, symptom agg when she eat anything warm, after meal she feel severe burning, what you think wht medicine i should suggest?
best regards
Please compare medicines by consulting MM.
Thanks much dear Dr
Hope you fine thanks much sending me chart. I want to learn more this chart , is it repertory and can i get this book in market? please give me further information about this chart book. i want to read it.

Best regards


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