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I have a small amount of land with four cows, being organic I use homeopathic remedies for their health. Last summer when my cows were 4 months pregnant I dissolved 2 pillules of Calc Phos 200c in 100mls of water in their water for skeletal development of their calves.

I had about 20mls of water left so I placed it in a dip in their rock salt which was in another field. The dips are made when they lick the salt so would have their saliva in it too. We had no rain and on going out two days later I noticed that the hole in the salt was full of white crystals. I then placed two teaspoons of plain water in another indentation and waited for two days no crystals.
Can anyone help with doing it themselves to see if they get the same result? Can any one explain the event?

I was wondering what to do with this information as I think it fascinating!

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Looks like you've got something here. Anyone else have salt lick for their animals?
The way I see it: plain water is amorphous, water with a potency is a liquid crystal carrying the information of the remedy. Calc Phos is known as a component of bones and useful to repair fractures, in which case you need to create more crystals of hydroxyapatite. That information has created crystals around itself the same way a battery immersed in an electrolyte solution would certainly corrode but the corrosion aspect will depend upon the minerals present in the solution.
It would be interesting (possible?) to analyse the crystals and know what they are made of and what is their geometry, is it the same geometry that the salt lick.....All that fits well into a theory I have started to develop, based on physics, crystallography, informatics, etc,.....but it will take me yet another year to get to grips with the basic sciences and come up with clear explanations and experiments to be is absolutely fascinating..........

did you see the photos i attached on the crystals?
Beautiful! it seems as if the potency has extracted a specific compound from the rock.
Could you have a piece of the crystal AND a piece of the salt lick analysed?
You might have found a cheap and effective method of extraction; if it is right it could be used for water purification, soil cleansing, etc,.....

I will repeat the study and have a new salt lick. If you want to do the experiment its a animal rock salt - got all trace minerals and copper content. It looks red. I am not sure if the cows saliva also has a part to play. As I think that the memory of our mouths create a response as well.

I will take more photos. It would be good to use this rock salt as a base and see if different minerals create different crystals and shapes!
An Emoto challenge!
Great idea but could you send a piece of the mineral for chemical analysis?
That would really give a lot of information especially if you are able to reproduce the events and then using other mineral remedies, produce different crystals that not only look like different but are proven different on chemical analysis.



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