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Vehicles in homeopathy are substances in which the medicines are prepared for their administration either by oral means, by olfaction, or by external application of the medication.

The vehicle must possess the following characteristics.

1: It is chemically neutral

2: It should not possess any medicinal property.

3: It must be harmless, and have no action on human being physiologically and on its organism.

4: It must have the capability of driving the dynamic power of the medicine into interior of human organism.

5: It should be edible and palatable.

The following vehicles are in use for preparing and dispensing of homeopathic drugs.

A: Alcohol, its the most used vehicle.

B: Olive oil

C: Almond oil

D: Vaseline

E: Glycerin

F: Sugar of milk

G: Globule, Pillule, Pellets, and Tablets made from cane sugar.

H: Distilled water.


Having said all the above I now pose the following question for discussion and comments.

1: Can paper be used as another form of the vehicle subject and will it meet the above mentioned requirements?

2: Can experiments be done with neutral type of paper, say blotting paper strips ingested with potentized medication, say Podophylum ,or Arsenic album. The strips can be dissolved/ dipped in water and dispensed.

If yes, then let us see the advantages in dispensing in emergency, in say, disaster hit areas such as flood or earth quake, where spread of disease is feared and transportation is difficult and time becomes a factor. The strips can be air dropped just like ticker tapes.

It can also be posted as strips to the needy, if any particular medicine is not available in any place.

I may have talked out of reason, but putting up an idea I imagine is with in normal norms.


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Dear Dr Wequar. Many people use paper dispensed remedies. With the energy dropped on to the paper and allowed to dry. The patient can place the paper in a glass of water and/or alcohol; or place the paper in the mouth. I imagine, no one swallows the paper. Basically, it is similar to making a freeze dry product, that when ready to be used, is rehydrated. Good discussion. Debby

But the shelf life is always limited.These paper remedies can be used successfully where alcoholics products are disallowed.


I appreciate your comments.It  gladdens my heart to know that it is practicable. It will enable me to send remedies to remote places. Or even receive some important medicine in higher potencies.

I still await more comments, whether positive or negative, for all of us to understand the prospect it shows. 


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