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Hello Dear friends! I have a thought to share with you. Can we medicate globules with mother tinctures & dispense to our patients? Will they work? plz give your views,Thanks

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I Q potencies are prescribed, I don't see why they cannot be given on neutral pellets. Have you been dispensing this way?

The water content of mother tincture is more compared to the liquid potencies, hence, the globules get dissolved easily. You can easily try this can see a paste of sugar inside the vial next day! It may not dissolve if you put one drop of tincture. Many companies market 1x potency as tinctures, which can be medicated as the water content is minute in 1x.

I have a small query. How does MT, react in our body, and the difference in 1X when administered,as compared to higher potencies.   

Thanks dear friends for your replies,I had this thought because its very difficult to dispense liquids & very inconvenient for patients to carry these liquids. one more doubt i would like to share " wether action of 1x is similar to crude mother tincture?" plz share your experiences

slightly different

mother tinctures have a physiological action on most indiviudals...baring few who are sensitive enought..

the selection would be on the physiological basis.

1x is mainly the first potency..  the action would be slightly different...and remedy selection would be mainly on the symptoms of provers etc...

NO not at all, not only the color of mother tincture is different  but the mother tinctures are prepared in a differnt manner , also they have sediment in them..

also mother tinctures have a distinct smell and taste .... 

ask patients to carry a small 100 ml bottle  or and ask them to dissolve in proportion for the day water and tincture for the day.

but i found as i grew wiser in homeopathic way..... use of mother tinctures decreased ...

aude sapere

Thanks for reply :)


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