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Can Seasonal Homoeopathic remedies act as prophylaxis in seasonal diseases like Dengue fever, malaria, etc? 

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Yes, you are right. But please tell me your own experience about Genus epidemicus. Has Dengue been successfully prevented with Homoeo Vaccines?
Dr. Rajneesh, If we give the Genus epidemic to the patient & after it, patient suffers from this disease. Who will be responsible? What will be your reply to patient? Problem is that, Sir if disease is progressing in patient already the symptoms of disease appear after some time [due to Incubation period]. There is no scale to measure or to know about the progress of disease [in Incubation period]. If you are sure, please inform to W.H.O. who wants sciencitific proof.
I agree with you Dr. Ravindra. There is no scale for it. The action of Genus ep. is also only theoretical.
Dear friends,
1- If disease is progressing in a patient already & the symptoms of disease appear after some time(due to incubation period) then treat th Pt. according to present symptomes .
2-There are scales to measure or to know about the progress of Epidemic diseases ( Social & Preventive Medicines teaches us )
3-The action of Genus epidemicus is theoritical as well as practical also . Hahnemann worked on this. I am working on National health Programme & on the basis of information/practicals , we are getting good results.
Dr.poonam Batra's post is also an important information on this topic.

As a Homoeopath , if a pt. is already in our treatment then his/her progress & changing state should be in our knowledge & on the basis of this , we can.. find out what will happen next. So observe the pt. carefully according to his/her progress & treat... here,observation is a major factor.

If a pt. is new then ask questions related on there Areas-- what is the present condition in there area , how many persons are suffering, what are the sign-symptoms & then select a preventive or Genus epidemicus & after that awarerness & protection related guidence will effect more.
Now we have to work on ,what our Master Hahnemann left for all of ous.
Get the confidence in your self. Keep your pt. in your confidence on the basis of true guidelines & informations & go ahed..God will be with you ...
I agree with you Dr. Das Gupta, But we should work scientifically and statistically in this direction..........
Dear Dr. Dasgupta, During incubation period, disease progressed but there is NO symptom present. According to you treat the patient with present symptoms. As I know present symptom--Means, If patient is familier with you & you have treated him, Give him patient's medicine [constitutional Remedy] Thanks with regards
Dear Friends,
During incubation period, disease progress but there is NO symptom present , is an important question for us . For that a servey/getting information mathod is help full.
1-Ask the person if there is any case already in there house. If YES , do not give prophylaxis, just wait & treat accordingly.
2-If no suffering in there home, then ask for near by areas. If any Pt. is present within 100 Meters of area then chances are 50-50 . If any Pt. is present within 200 to 500 Meters of area then chances are 20% yes & 80% No . Give them prophylaxis & told them the chances ratio.
3-If any school,college,office is affected then also chances are 50-50.
Means- if you have dought that incubation period is going on then tell the pt. to be ready for attack.Don't give prophylaxis . Treat according to present symptoms.
Present symptom--Means, If patient is familier with you & you have treated him or still under your treatment , it's easy for you to treat them.
And if not familier then ask them to wait & don't give any medicine.
I agree Dr. Daeswat. In case of genus ep. we should either try constitutional remedy , if known, or the next similar remedy if some symptoms are present. Thre is no proof if the dissimilar remedies given as genus epidemicus might work, because the picture of a same so called disease are always different in each individual. No two pneumonia, dengue or sacrlet are same. Then how the remedy may be same.
Dear Dr,
if we give prophylactic medicine, even in the incubation period .
It is doubtful.
If a genus epid. is given in incubation period, it may spoil the case.....
Dr. Arohi, is this your practical or only the theory you have read?
Why no comments for Belladonna used as a prophylactic for scarlet fever by Dr. Hahnemann?


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