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Can Seasonal Homoeopathic remedies act as prophylaxis in seasonal diseases like Dengue fever, malaria, etc? 

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Dear Dr Rajneesh. I think this question is close to the discussion posted by Gabrielle Traub regarding the use of homeopathic remedies in lieu of vaccinations.

I think you are asking if a homeopathic remedy can be used to PROTECT against a seasonal illness. However, dengue fever is a mosquito born disease with this vector. It is best to clean up the region and reduce mosquito population, use of nettings, and insect repellents, but also homeopathy can play an important role if it is known that a particular remedy is working during an epidemic season. Let's hear from others in the field who have real life experience.
Dear Debby, It is true that removal of causa occasionalis is neccessory to annihilate the disease process in a living individual. But whenever we fail to get rid of it, we fall sick and need remedy.
Rubric is : Fear of impending of Disease

The enlisted medicines against this rubric can be used as prophylatic -:) It is guess but not sure.

The Motive and the purpose of vaccination is also "fear"
Vaccination is not always due to fear of impending disease. It may also be due to the trend.
Respected Dr. MAS.
Fear of impending of Disease--due to --job, business, responsibilities, old diseases and so many causes will provide you several similimums. But for prophylaxis point of view or as a Genus Epidemicus, we can select Drugs accordingly. . .but your point is also "Kabi-le tareef"
Dear Dr. Rajneesh ,
Vaccination are used to stimulate the body mechanism even when the active disease is not present & in this manner is produced an abundance or superabundance of specific antibodies--a state of immunity against a perticular disease being thus established.
~In the same manner it is believed that there are a few instances of the drugs exerting a similar prophylactic effects. Eg;Bell for scarlet fever, Thuja for small pox etc.
"small stimuli encourage life activity, medium to strong stimuli tend to impede it & very strong stimuli to stop or destroy it"
On the basis of these references we can say that Homoeopathic Remedies can Act As Prophylaxis in Seasonal Diseases also.
we use-
-Variolinum, Morbillinum & Puls., for C.Pox & Measles.
-Influenzinum His. for Influenza
-Ars.Alb. for Sw.Flu
-Eupatorium Per. for Dengue etc...
We also performed a servey on these Prophylaxis with good result & send to CCRH
Thanks Dr. Dasgupta.
Dear Dr. Rajneesh, According to our principle it is not correct because no two individuals are same in nature. If we want to protect this individual, Give him ,his constitutional remedy which give the support &strength to vital force to fight agaiinst these type of diseases. Sir, this type of discussion also individualise us[Homoeopath]. So many discussion but-----no conclusion????
This is the answer I was waitnig for. Nice Dr. Sarswat. Thanks with regards.
Protection for disease on the basis of individualisation is not always possible or during Epidemic/Endemic, individualisation is not always possible & for that Prophylaxis/Genus Epidemicus came in the picture .
When we can select a drug as Genus Epidemicus, then we can also select a drug as Prophylaxis. But, yes, the Constitutional or Miasmatic individual selection is possible/applicable, only, when there is a healthy state of body ( a proving state ) otherwise the Patient will start moving from one state to other state due to his/her present symptomes/illness & prophylaxis task might be change in compound disease.

So, treat the symptomes only & left the prophylaxis task, it may help sometimes to prevent the Patient from other disease/illness.
The best & easy way to protact a patient is the word, "Prevention is Better then Cure" & this Prevention should be based on Hygiene, Good food habit & regular exercise & what Debby said for Dengue...No Tension Sir...
Dear Dr. Dasgupta,
Thanks for sharing. The role of genus epidemicus is restricted. If we try to reach the constitutional, it might be better. Yes, tis' impossible in every patient, but we should eefort. In case of failure, we can use Genus epidemicus blindly due to compromise.
What will you say about Dr. Hahnemann using Belladonna as a genus epidemicus, during the epidemic of scarlet fever and thus successful in preventing a major disaster?
Moreover, all epidemics are acute diseases and role of constitutional remedy for preventing some acute disease,is not viable. Don't you see your patients already under your constitutional treatment not getting an acute disease. I think we all should do a survey of how many of our patients under constitutional remedy, dont get infected by an epidemic.


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