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The United States beckons you, dear Homeopaths. We have skills, compassionate care, and a connection to patients that puts us into a position of respect in the medical community. 

With dire predictions of a shortage of primary care physicians, homeopaths can fill the gap. They have all around general knowledge of medicine, anatomy, disease, side-effects, infectious disease, life cycle changes and psychology. Their listening acuity provides the ear that people need today. Everyone searches for ways to get illness under control, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and auto immune disease. Homeopaths understand 'preventative' care more than any other medical professional. Aware of the smallest signs and signals of 'dis-ease' and feeling "off" or "not right" we take those cues into consideration to find a healing remedy. 

We learn to clear blocks to total health. And, we teach those willing to listen how they can utilize homeopathy for short lived acute situations and get back on track. 

  • We have a looming shortage of primary care physicians in this country,” said Esther Dyer, executive director of National Medical Fellowships. “Within the next five to six years there will be a shortage of at least 40,000 primary care physicians. . . (which will climb) to more than 90,000 by 2020."  


Obama Health Care will stretch the limits of care for most Americans.

  • The medical system has not built enough universities to train physicians.
  • Many physicians do not want to go into 'Family Care"
  • Many physicians do not want to work in rural areas
  • Not enough spaces in teaching hospitals for interns and residents
  • The population will continue to increase with fewer trained physicians
  • Many physicians retiring and planning retirement
  • Cost of medical school and debt ridden students drives potential doctors away
  • High density of doctors in big cities for better income

Why Physicians Plan Retirement?

  • Aging out
  • Job dissatisfaction
  • Managed care and loss of autonomy
  • Cost of management
  • Reduced reimbursement
  • Government oversite


Now is the time to get trained in homeopathy. Physicians will become managers and administrators over nurses and physicians assistants. How many of these health care workers will be experienced, knowledgeable and skilled in homeopathy? I don't have an answer, but I do wish they would learn the art and science that has been successful for millions around the world. 


Medicine for the masses

One major benefit of homeopathy for the general public, whether a mother, athlete, teacher, health care provider, alternative practitioner or allopath comes from self empowerment. Anyone can begin to learn, observe their own state of being, journal, study and understand the basic principles of homeopathy. This knowledge provides the means to handle simple sprains, cuts, bruises, bites, stings, rashes, coughs, colds, upset stomachs, etc. This can certainly reduce health care costs. Study groups can form, building communities to support one another. We can become independently self assured as we learn the appropriate time to seek out professional medical care for serious illness. Imagine the emergency rooms providing for those who really need the trained physicians, instead of clogging up with simple acute problems. 


Do we have a mission to help reduce medical mistakes?
What if our energy remedies can pre-empt sepsis, abscess, antibiotic resistance, need for dangerous surgeries and boost the immune system of those receiving this care? With homeopathic preventative care and acute care we can stop the progression of disease. 

  • "But a reasonable estimate is that medical mistakes now kill around 200,000 Americans every year." New York Times
  • The number of medical procedures, laboratory exams, scans, x-rays, etc have increased to exponential and outrageous levels
  • Let the patient be our guide. Learning to listen and trust what they feel and experience will give us a leg up on changes from a healthy state
  • The number of drugs given may be reduced as health improves, rather than becoming dependent on these medications with side-effects for a life time. 

First Do No Harm

Have you read the Organon Lately



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All persons practicing homeopathy should go to medical school. Remember physicians first and then homeopaths. The U.S. should reopen all the old medical colleges which gave homeopathy as a post graduate subject, then see how homeopathy blooms. 

I agree that US should revive the old Homeopathic medical colleges and bring about a merger so that MDs of tomorrow can have knowledge of proper homeopathy and thus serve the health care system.

Once you see what homeopathy can do, I cannot see how one ever can think of curing a patient with conventional medicine. Keeping the status quo, suppressing or in the best case palliate the patient's condition; that is what conventional medicine can do and that is a good thing in certain conditions. To cure a patient is a whole other thing and I don't see how conventional medicine can do that. So, I would suggest to first teach homeopathy and then have some medical background as it can come in handy, sometimes.

the problem is the US is more material centric approach which slowly india is also adopting.

Patient care humanity spirituality should work itself into all areas of life. It is medicine just medicine and healing. The approach should be patient centric and only patient centric. Let it be homeopathy, allopathy, ayurveda, unani reiki pranic, or even if I give herbs or water the approach should be patient centric. 


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