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I have had a peculiar observation in my clinical practice over the last 6 months.

Two of my pediatric cases with a common complaint of the child clinging to the mother responded wonderfully to BRYONIA given over daily doses. In both cases the child was not allowing the mother to go out to her work and wanted her around almost 24 hours.

The first thing the child used to do after waking up in the morning was to check the mother's presence around the house. In her absence, the child would throw strong and violent tantrums by screaming or crying aloud.

In the first case, the child had some other physical ailments, the totality of which lead me to BRYONIA. The clinging was reported as a behavioral pattern, but was not taken into consideration while prescribing. Clinging was not a concomitant since the acute ailment had presented. The clinging existed persistently in spite of any acute illness. Bryonia, being the similimum, cured the acute physical symptoms as well as the clinging. It was a big surprise to me since I had not expected it, thinking and feeling that possibly another prescription would be needed for clinging later.


Considering this accidental curative experience I prescribed BRYONIA in the second case, which had clinging as the chief complaint, and it worked wonders there, as well.

Can anybody guide me towards the possible rubric-representation or the possible references ?

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Company desire for.

Holding or being held desire for amel.

can be the possible symptoms.


Sajjad sir,


Thanks for your input. I wanted to have a rubric that could explain BRYONIA's role in the cure. This is a retrospective travel, thus we need to get the rubrics covered by bryonia. Your selection also matched with Roger van Zandvoort's selection for the same discussion.


Regards, Amit

Sajjad is correct. These rubrics are quite close and if you put one instead of the other you would not find Bryonia in "Clinging" but will find it in "holding." It will be helpful to see listed the other rubrics chosen to round out the case. 

Thanks Debby !!

As you said;" In both cases the child was not allowing the mother to go out to her work and wanted her around almost 24 hours." l may think of the rubric Mind-desires-full of desires-unattainable things desire for.

and also you said "The first thing the child used to do after waking up in the morning was to check the mother's presence around the house" the rubric can be Mind -Fear-Waking on.


also as a metaphor, bry is the main remedy talking about "being at home" so as you think about a child the only thing s/he thinks to be at home is to be near to her/his mother. l guess this can bring clinging.

all the best

Hi Gamze,

It's  indeed a good thinking, although I would prefer the later part of "being at home" which is easily comprehensible.

As regards "mind - fear - waking on": I feel the awakening is not triggering the fear but its just a situational issue. In the first rubric, do you mean "unattainable" so as to indicate the inevitable absence of mother due to her professional commitments ?

Thanks for the inputs, it made my day!

Cheers, Amit

Hi Amit,

actually you are quite right with the rubric about the fear it is really not triggered by waking, the child feels it when he wakes up but in the repertories we are not so lucky about the real causes but the results. as an example biting nails rubric contains Bar-c and med at the same time but bar-c bites them because he is too shy and not feeling confident , but med does what ever he does with a great passion and if you cannot see the child while the action and if you are told that he is biting his nails you may miss the point. may be this is considerable.


secondly unattainable is the word of repertory and l mean the way you concern . Mother has to go work but the child doesnt want to let her go.


There are many children around like this. Guess starting a discussion made our day by sharing your professional experience , bry will always be on our minds when we meet such of cases.


All the best


Excellent contributions Gamze

Thank you very much for this discussion. I have a case like this and there has been some help with Lac Humanum, when the mother stopped breast feeding. But I will try Bryonia next time, if the case is not solved.


Thanks for the reply. It really is a much refined thinking.

You said it right, when the child needs his mother specifically, it needs some specific rubric representation. Comfort is one thing, but when you consider a "MOTHER", she gives you a lot many things (in fact everything) apart from comfort. In case of a small child, mother is LIFE.

The main theme of Bry is insecurity. Bry is in capital in the rubric” Mind Insecurity”. The dictionary meanings of clinging are”;
To adhere closely; stick to:
To hold tight, as by grasping or embracing; cleave: .
To be or remain close:
Children do not want their mother to leave. The child may be suffering from somewhat unknown fear, insecurity etc, which might be the reason that the child wants to be with the mother all the time. It is natural desire of almost every children to be close to their mothers and Bry is in capital in the rubric “company desire for “You must have noticed that immediately on opening the eyes almost every child looks for the mother not the father or the nurse or anyone else. Child is satisfied only by the presence of mother.
The child is weeping from whatever the cause and soon as the mother holds her/him the child’s suffering is immediately better. The mother knows what he/she wants and once given everything is over and often before that mother holds the child.
If a woman holds hand of her husband, the reason is that she feels more secure in the presence of her husband. It is natural and  is the prime indication of Bry.

Dr Amit,
I think This is due to insecurity. Child gets the security from his mother. A young child want to go home where he gets the security.


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