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"Cool Air, applied heat"

It is common for Bryonia to be ameliorated from cool air and from cool applications. Most of the head complaints that are of a congestive character are better from cool applications, from a cold air etc. Yet there are some of the Bryonia head complaints that are relieved by hot applications, and these seem to have no accompanying cerebral congestion."

"... there are rheumatic complaints of Bryonia which are better from heat, and under these circumstances he is better from continued motion."

Dr. J. T. Kent

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Good points to remember... Thanks.

-Excessive thirst is an important part of Bryo. but  it also works on thirstlessness/ less quantity of water during this hot weather..

-Feet complaints better by putting feet in Hot water.

Thanks Dr. Prabhat see my todays tip again on Bryonia 


In cold, cough, fever, pleurisy, pneumonia, just one dose of the 30th potency (seldom 200th) works wonder, It must not be repeated. Bryonia most jealously resent repetition. In ninety nine cases out of one hundred, by repetition of the remedy, they are irretrievably spoiled.
In daily routine practice in case of cough cold & fever we repeat it frequently & get good results.Mr. Veeraraghavan it may be your personal experience that give only one dose of 30, Please other doctors also share his view who are running their clinic. Can they satisfy his client just with one dose??? It is not easy task my dear friend, Much difference in Theory & practice........
Quite correct.

I support Mr. Veeraraghvan Bryonia 30 single dose is enough to show its results, there is not much difference between theory and practice - its totally depend on our patiences, in my practice i only repeat the dose whenever indicated (remember one thing The theory always comes from the practical)


Thank you for accepting my concept. It is not just my concept - it is the homoeopathic principle!

If it is much difference in theory and practice, then  how will we say that we are following homoeopathic principle as well as Dr. Hahnemann?

It is my practice to give one dose of desired medicine ( 30c or 6c or 200c ) and many doses of plain globules for frequent use to satisfy the patients. It is a general custom of many Homoeopaths.

My Dear Friend,
Dr Deepak, In acute condition Patient want quick relief, In condition of Patience How you will decide, this is natural healing or the result of your remedy. In Government service you can have a patience for unlimited time but in private work it is very difficult task, if you give the result then they will believe in you.
Sir I am a private practitioner and attach with many hospitals in Delhi and NCR and i am always trying to stick on single doses with a full confidence.
Mr. Veeraraghvan ,
Please Give the reference where it mentioned that in acute condition give only one dose of 30 potency & we can not repeat it. Here I also want to ask you When we need to repetition of dose?
It is the clinical experience of various homeopaths that all those homeopathic remedies which are slow in their action need not to be repeated frequently because we should give time to see their curative action. That is the only reason i think.


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