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Understanding homeopathy in the light of immunology, to
develop an alternative medicinal formula, to overcome the impediments of
immunology and homeopathy, to combat diseases due to immunological disorders.
(For more than a century, the homeopaths tried to establish ...homeopathy as
scientific method to cure diseases, but failed to do so. The doctrines of
organan were based on some hypothetical concepts which could not be explained on
a scientific basis. In order to establish homeopathy on a more dependable
ground for the benefit of suffering humanity, we decided to take a different
approach which is going to be explained in this text. An alternative approach
to explain homeopathy in the light of immunology to make it acceptable to the
followers of modern allopathic system of medicine and to show them how
homeopathy can be used in the fields where modern allopathic medications like
cytokines, failed to achieve their desired goals to combat diseases caused by
immunological disorders. This article was presented at the four international
seminars held in Bangladesh
in the year 2000). Efforts to increase the capacity of the immune system, to
keep human body free from diseases by the method of detoxification, started
from the development of the science of immunology. The bone marrow, which
produces blood cells, is the source of that capacity of the immune system to
combat external invaders. Due to various reasons, especially due to lack of exposure
to the Ultra violet rays from solar radiation, the bone marrow gets weaker and
produces weak and inefficient blood cells like the farm animals. No medicine
has yet been developed in any system of medicine, which can make the bone
marrow healthier and stronger to generate healthy and efficient blood cells to
fight foreign micro-organisms. The failure on the part of the scientists to
increase the efficiency of bone marrow to produce healthy blood cells, has
compelled them to develop the system of controlling the receptors, enzymes,
ion-channels and the carrier molecules with the help of medicines called
channel blockers, inhibitors, etc. By controlling these bio-chemical processes
in the cells, with the help of drugs, majority of the diseases caused by
immunological disorders like hypertension, hyperacidity, gastric ulcer,
allergy, etc. are being controlled now a days. But this method of palliation is
short acting and needs regular use of drugs. These drugs do not help to
detoxify the human body but keep the disease symptoms under control and help
people to lead an apparently normal life. But a careful study shows that the
intensity of the diseases go on increasing which require to increase the dosage
of drugs. In the long run, due to controlling various natural processes of the
physiological system by external means of medication, the complexity of the
diseases go on increasing and various organs like kidney, liver, heart, etc.
gradually get damaged and ultimately stop functioning properly. But people are
happy with these palliative drugs due to the prompt relief they get from this
mode of medication and also due to their ignorance about the damage which is
being done to the immune system by this mode of treatment, which is the root
cause of all the malignant incurable diseases from cold allergy, asthma,
diabetes, cancer, etc. called diseases due to immunological disorders. But if
we consider the curative action obtained by the use of the naturopathic
medicines in the systems of Ayurveda (Herbal) & homeopathic medicine, we
can find that the curative processes are long lasting which keep the human body
free from the burden of toxins and people enjoy much more healthier &
disease free life without the tendency of getting attacked with the malignant
and deadly diseases mentioned above. From our observation, it appears that the
curative processes rendered by those naturopathic systems might have acted like
the systems proved by the scientist Dr. Jules T. Freund in the year 1942, who
used the adjuvants in the injectable form to obtain the process of
immunostimulation in animal models but was found to be highly toxic for human
use (vide internet for “Freund’s complete adjuvant”). Freund’s system of
immunostimulation or immunomodulation could not be used extensively on human
body due to the failure to develop adjuvants suitable for parenteral
(injectable) use for human being. Experiments were carried out by the
scientists, to find adjuvants suitable for parenteral (injectable) use for a
period of 20 years and was then abandoned forever. The failure to utilize such
an ideal method of cure by detoxification by modulating the immune system with
the help of natural toxic substances, stopped the way of utilizing the toxic
substances as modulators of the T and B-cells, to take measures to identify and
eliminate the disease producing toxins called antigens in the language of
immunology. But the scientists found out substances called cytokines produced
in human body to control the immune system. These cytokines are now produced
in-vitro and used for controlling immune system. But after clinical trials,
they are found to be toxic and almost failed to do the task of immunomodulation
to detoxify and make human body disease free, like the naturally generated
cytokines produced by the immune system in-vivo in case of any attack from
micro-organisms. Our attempt is to compare the ancient oral use of toxic drugs
from plants, minerals, animals and bacterial origin with the use of Freund’s
complete adjuvant. If the oral use of toxic drugs of naturopathic systems can
be proved to be an alternative to the injectable method of Freund’s complete
adjuvant for the process of immunopotentiation, the impediments of modern
medicine to use the ideal method of cure by the help of detoxification could be
overcome. This effort to give a scientific explanation of the ancient systems
of naturopathy, will help to avoid the use of palliative and immunosuppressive
drugs and will stop the process of gradual degradation of the immune system
leading towards the immuno-compromised condition of human body prone to be
attacked with viruses like HIV, bird flu, mad cow disease and other malignant
diseases and will save billions of dollars in health care research globally. In
the ancient times, all the systems of medicine, including the allopathic
system, used the toxic substances obtained from natural sources of plants,
minerals, chemicals, animals and bacterial origin (vide the book of Materia
Medica by William Hale-White 1935 edition). But they did not have the clear
conception about how those natural toxic substances helped to cure diseases,
due to their lack of knowledge about immunology. In order to increase the
curative effect, scientists of conventional medicine tried to isolate the
alkaloids from plants which increased the toxic effects of the drugs further,
which produced medicinal aggravation called drug disease, which was reduced by
the system of attenuation developed by homeopathy. With the discovery of
bacteria and antibiotics, the followers of germ theory became more confident
about their concept over the concept of the followers of naturopathy.
Simultaneously, a new branch of medicine named immunology was developed which
discovered the systems of vaccination. This brought a great success for the
followers of germ theory. But the scientists of modern medicine still faced
great hindrance to deal with the non-infections diseases, which consisted of
majority of the diseases from allergy to cancer. Scientists found out that the
immune system, which helped to keep the human body free from antigens or toxins
to maintain healthy life, sometimes failed to act with accuracy. The over or
under activity of the immune system developed various illnesses caused by
reactions like (i) hypersensitivity, (ii) Cytotoxicity, (iii) Immune
complexity, (iv) autoimmunity & (v) immunodeficiency. The bulk of
non-infectious diseases are caused by these five reactions of immune system,
which we are going to explain in brief. The white blood cells are known to the
common people as the soldiers of defense mechanism, which keep the human body
free from foreign invaders with their act of scavenging. These white blood
cells (WBC) possess an inherent capacity to differentiate and identify the
toxic and non-toxic ingredients of human body. While destroying the toxic
ingredients, they sometimes excite the healthy cells to produce substances
called histamine which cause allergy, this reaction is called Hypersensitivity
reaction. Sometimes they destroy healthy cells and cause anemia, that reaction is
called cytotoxic reaction. Sometimes they combine with toxic substances  to produce harmful substances called immune
complex substances, which damage adjacent healthy tissues and cause diseases
like eczema, psoriasis, leprosy, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, liver
cirrhosis and even cancer, etc. This reaction is called Immune complex
reaction. Sometimes the army of defense system makes mistakes and begins to
destroy substances like insulin and cause diabetes and other deadly diseases
like SLE, glomerulonephritis, infertility, etc. This reaction is called
autoimmunity. The fifth reaction is caused when the defense mechanism becomes
totally inactive & allows the invaders to enter into the human body and
roam about freely and render the person subjected to the continuous processes
of diseases beginning from cold allergy to cancer, this reaction is called
immunodeficiency. To handle the diseases caused by these five reactions called
immunological disorders, scientists developed anti-allergic drugs and also drugs
called steroid etc., to suppress the immune system to stop the over-activity of
the defense forces. To increase the under activity called immunodeficiency,
they developed immunoglobulin (IG) to apply from external sources, which is
very expensive and not very much accurate in activity. The other method is
called bone marrow transplantation which is both expensive and risky. This
failure on the part of the scientists of conventional medicine to control the
immunological disorders by the method of detoxification, could be overcome by
the oral application of natural toxic substances as is done in the naturopathic
systems of medicine together with the oral use of the products of bacterial
endotoxins used in homeopathy. This mode of application of combined form of
antigenic (toxic) substances resembles the system of application of Freund’s
complete adjuvant (toxic natural substances with the bacterial product). The
difference lies only in the mode of administration. The naturopathic systems
like Ayurveda (herbal) system do not use the bacterial products, which is only
done in homeopathy. This similarity of alternative mode of application of the
Freund’s complete adjuvant was observed by us in the year 1973 and we named the
homeopathic use of natural toxins with the bacterial products as combined oral
micro-immunotherapy (COMIT) previously named as Dynamised Micro-immunotherapy
by Dr. O. A. Julian. But this concept of immunomodulation probably acted in the
humoral and cellular level and could not fulfill the task of bone marrow
stimulation, which is the actual site of origin of immunological activity,
where the products used as adjuvants could not reach to fulfill the purpose of
rectification of the controlling center of the immune mechanism. In our
research, this point was taken into consideration and the modified concept of
oral immunomodulation based on Freund’s concept of immunomodulation with the
help of adjuvants was modified by making the use of radioactive products like
Uranium and Radium in the minute dose together with the natural herbal and the
bacterial products simultaneously. This made the breakthrough in achieving the
effect of bone marrow stimulation which could not be achieved by the use of
natural herbal and bacterial products alone. The use of radioactive products
like Uranium and Radium in the minute dose together with the natural and the
bacterial products simultaneously as is done in homeopathy, makes it more
competent in curing diseases by the immune system than any other systems of
medicine. This makes homeopathy superior to the system of modern conventional
medicine, which failed to achieve its desired goal of immunomodulation with the
help of cytokines (vide internet). This is possible by homeopathy because it
can achieve the effect of bone marrow stimulation. The use of various toxic
substances in the attenuated oral form makes homeopathy effective in modulating
the immune system in the humoral, cellular and medullar levels i.e. antibody
mediated, cell mediated and bone marrow (stem cell) mediated immune reactions
respectively. The use of radioactive products like Uranium and Radium for the
purpose of bone marrow stimulation was made more effective and with less
medicinal aggravation by the use of two other homeopathic medicines named X-ray
and Sol, both developed by Dr. Bernhardt Fincke MD (vide A Dictionary of
Practical Materia Medica by Dr. John Henry Clarke MD). The systematic use of
the above mentioned homeopathic medicines based on the concept of homeopathic
symptomatology together with the concept of immunomodulation in immunology for
the purpose of total annihilation of the genetically inherited toxicity called
miasmatic defects in classical homeopathy, gave us tremendous success in curing
diseases due to immunological disorders, which is beyond the imagination to be
achieved by classical homeopathy alone.

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