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Breast Cancer Stage III post surgery treated with Homeopathy and Iscador only (8 years followup)

A case of Carcinoma Breast Right side [Infiltrating Ductal Ca] Grade 3.

• Lady of 55 years presented to us in 2008 with discharge from operated Mastectomy site of 2 months origin.The discharge was mildly offensive,the ulcer margins had mild swelling and showcased poor healing.

She had complained of a breast lump in her Right breast for which she consulted her Onco-Surgeon.Mammography reports and frozen section confirmed Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma and was suggested complete mastectomy of the Right Breast with Axillary lymph node clearance.

• Conventional medicine treatment :
Complete Mastectomy of right breast in January 2008.

She was suggested Chemotherapy and thereafter Radiotherapy but she refused undergoing it.

She took a course of Tamoxifen for 1 year but had side-effects of severe weight gain and was stopped by the surgical oncologist seeing her progress.

In her Personality 
• She had a lot of anxieties, specially of separation
• She was fastidious by nature and required everything to perfection
• Her work commanded a lot of feminine dominance so her nature reflected dominance, strictness.She was very workaholic.
• She was a no nonsense women and her anger could get a bit of violent, but on the other hand there was a sympathetic side of her too.
• She loved to travel and was very passionate about art & music. 
• She had a strong family history of cancer involving her mother and practically all her cousin sisters.

Her treatment was started by us, focusing on her wound only as she was very clear about it that she didn’t want herself to be treated for cancer but only her wound.

Follow up:
• 7/03/08 - Calendula 30, 5 pills thrice a day for a week and along with that dressing done with Calendula mother tincture.
• Surprisingly in a fortnight there was no discharge and wound showed good healing.
• This had her develop confidence in alternative medicine treatments in cancer and then decided to completely switch on to it. She completely refused undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy for the same. Even with our convincing her about the disease and benefits of modern medicine, still she decided to turn to Homoeopathy and Mistletoe therapy.It was also discussed with her cancer surgeon of she refusing conventional therapies.Under his monitoring we decided to go ahead with Homeopathy and Mistletoe - Iscador therapy.

• Well it’s now been 8 years and she is free of her disease with a complete remission. She undergoes regular checks with us and her surgical oncologists once a year.
• Medicines used for her treatment were Calendula,Nit Ac & Carcinosin
• She was also on Immunomodulatory drug – Iscador - injectibles(Viscum Album) for 3 years

• A combination of surgery,Homeopathy,Iscador and a change in life style has made a complete difference to her life and her battle against cancer. 

Please do not stop any form of conventional medications all by yourself.Please resort to a good team of oncologists and qualified Complementary practitioners before taking any decisions.

Together we can beat cancer.

Her testimonial too is attached which speaks it all..

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any last scan report 

Was the mistletoe used a tincture? 


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