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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2009 | Breaking News! Government backs NHS Homeopathy! From Dr Tandon's webpage

Dec 1, 2009: A wonderful day for British Homeopathy

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Courtesy : Dr Kaplan Here follow the immortal words of Health Minister, Mike O’Brien: ‘We take the view that it is not our job to stop clinicians prescribing these medications if they feel they are appropriate.’ See more here. Striking a blow for liberty worthy of John Stuart Mill, the Honorable Minister went on to say that cutting the (NHS) funding would be “illiberal” and “a denial of personal choice”. He also said there were a range of opinions amongst clinicians and scientists which could not be ignored. This was after being grilled by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee which comprised many people less than friendly to homeopathy. such as Edzard Ernst, Ben Goldacre and Tracey Brown all of whom lambasted homeopathy in the hearing. But the Health minister hinted at the essential point: NHS homepathy is practised by trained doctors who have to take responsibility for what they do. That is the headline and the bottom line and the middle line and all the other lines in between. Mike O’Brien knew it and had the guts to say it in the face of massive negative publicity in the media. Bravo Minister! This is a wonderful, frabjous day for homeopathy, medicine and freedom. The Jabberwock of opposition to NHS homeopathy has yet to be slain that’s for sure, but make no mistake about it, dear reader, this is a BIG day for homeopathy and I’ll be chortling for the rest of today that’s for sure! Evidence Check: Homeopathy 
Professor Jayne Lawrence, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, Robert Wilson, British Association of Homeopathic Manufacturers, Paul Bennett, Boots, Tracey Brown, Sense About Science, and Dr Ben Goldacre, The Guardian 
Dr Peter Fisher, Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, Professor Edzard Ernst, Complementary Medicine Group, Peninsula Medical School, Dr James Thallon, NHS West Kent, and Dr Robert Mathie, British Homeopathic Association
The Commons Science and Technology Committee holds the first evidence session of its inquiry into how the government uses evidence to formulate its policy on homeopathy
The whole proceedings are available on . The links are given below :

PULSE TODAY | Homeopathy 'should be available on the NHS', says minister
01 Dec 09 By Nigel Praities
Homeopathy should remain available on the NHS despite no evidence it is more powerful than placebo, the Government said yesterday.

Health minister Mike O’Brien said GPs should have the freedom to prescribe a homeopathic treatment if they chose, subject to agreement by their local PCT.
The comments came during an evidence session of the House of Commons Science and Technology meeting, which is looking at the use of homeopathy on the NHS.
After some hard questioning from the committee, Mr O’Brien revealed up to £10 million was spent on homeopathic treatments by the NHS last year, despite no evidence they were effective beyond placebo.

‘There is some evidence that the placebo effect works and there are a lot of doctors who take the view that it works and it is also that case that we have a lot of people who believe in it,' he said.

‘But if you are asking me as a minister if there is enough evidence that is empirical and peer-assessed, then the answer is no,’ he admitted.

‘We take the view that it is not our job to stop clinicians prescribing these medications if they feel they are appropriate.'

Evan Harris MP, a member of the select committee, said the minister was supporting ‘paternalistic deception’ by continuing to allow homeopathic treatments to be available on the NHS.

SLANT and BIAS IN NEWS | Depending upon where you read the news you will feel the bias in the conclusion to the debate.

I searched Reuters Blog UK and entered homeopathy, homeoepathy, NHS and there were no articles found.

Then in the Reuters UK search engine also nothing was found. Web news came up with this top news:

Giving homoeopathy on the NHS is unethical and unreliable, MPs are ...
Experts have described the practice of prescribing homoeopathicmedicines on the NHS as unethical, unreliable, and pointless. ...
Baba-e-Homoeopathy Dr. Hamid's NHS, Pakistan
Jul 20, 2008 ... Baba-e-Homoeopathy Dr. Hamid's National Homoeo Stores (NHS) is one of Asia's leading exporters, importers, manufacturers and suppliers of ...
This Act secures, by law, the provision of homeopathy within the NHS. This website is designed as an information resource for those interested in finding ...
NHS homoeopathy in sharp decline - Times Online
Jan 30, 2008 ... An increasing number of NHS trusts are no longer offeringhomoeopathic treatments to patients because of a lack of evidence that they work.
The NHS should not waste our cash on homeopathy - Telegraph
Dec 1, 2009 ... If £4 million is spent, it means £4 million less for drugs that work better, says Alasdair Palmer.

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What a great news indeed;and the minister must be a very brave man with conscience and character;May more men of mettle in homeopathy speak up and boldly state that homeopathy works,and is much beyond the placebo business.It came to us more than two hundred years ago,and will remain with us for ever;It's time to be united,and forge ahead towards our goal ,Hahnemann's goal;
Great news, thank you Debby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I don't hope that this decision will endanger the practice of qualified homeopath who are non-physicians.
Congratulations Brits!! Let the truth be known!
Truth triumphs
Universal forces are assisting to bring out the truth....
The criticisms put forth against homeopathy and the weight of their claims were inadequate. It seemed that some of the responses from the critics did not actually answer the question. It would have been nice to see a greater focus on actual scientific and theoretical issues rather than what appeared to be emotionally biased responses.
Good news and productive
Dear Friends,
This is a great news for the Homeopathy in the UK. Homeopathy is no doubt, the most natural and scientific system of treatment available today. No therapy or science will survive this long, if it is not effective and helping the diseased individuals. Some ignorant and blind-folded people, who have no basic knowledge of homeopathy at all are discussing, and condemning this beautiful art of natural healing, which is loved and used by the millions around the world. How come, a few people can play the health needs of millions, who are the true believers and dedicated followers of homeopathy. Homeopathy works and helps in nearly all cases, if used correctly and rationally on the hahnemannian principles.
With best wishes to all true homeopaths.
I am pleased with the decision of our wise and bold Health Minister of the UK for supporting our popular and accepted science. No one stop the sun shining, no matter how much you try, the natural forces will always win. so dear
Great news Debby, thank you for sharing
It is quite a great news indeed. Let the truth and power of real homoeopathy be known all over the world. Thank you Dr. Debby for the update.
Fantastic news! I admit to being quite surprised, as the so-called discussion was clearly biased. It's wonderful that the decision makers made the right choice.

But please, don't think that this means homeopathy is out of the woods in the UK. It's far from that. My own Primary Care Trust has decided that homeopathy will no longer be provided. The Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital - an institution with a long and honored history and location of homeopathy research (and where major - and excellent - research on bowel nosodes, which clearly documents physical and consistent effects of homeopathic remedies) is under threat now, with funding being constantly cut because of loss Primary Care Trusts that no longer support homeopathy funding.

While I do relish this victory, we're still being bled by a thousand cuts.

Katja - I don't think this will have much effect on non-physician homeopaths. We are not now part of the NHS. I think that we do a far better job than NHS homeopaths, by the way, because they are severely limited in the length of visits and must prescribe on the spot and without access to a computerized repertory. They are forced to work under an allopathic model.

Thank you, Debby, for reporting on this.
Great news,


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