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In recent days there has been a lot of discussion going on, on Bonninghausen a disciple of Hahnemann and his repertory TPB.

He was a Lawyer and a botanist,survived tuberculosis with Homeopathy and there after studied homeopathy under the great master himself and this is what master has to say about him;

In 1853 Hahnemann wrote, ". . . Bönninghausen of Münster has studied and grasped my homeopathic system of treatment so thoroughly that as a homeopath he deserves to be fully trusted, and if I should be ill myself and unable to help myself I would not entrust myself to any other physician." [1].

TPB has been edited by Dr George Dimitriardis and named TBR or THE BONNINGHAUSEN REPERTORY.It is claimed to be truest translation from original German TPB into English of today.

It is being said that it changes the way we think about symptoms and case analysis from Kentian point of view, and adheres to true Hahnemannian concepts.

It is now also available as a computer software called OpenRep. The free version is available to all Hpathy members.

I have been trying to use it and am slowly getting the hang of it. It is claimed that it can find out the most appropriate remedy by just using few rubrics selected on the basis of what is termed as "LoCoMoCo";   which means 

COMPLAINT (Symptoms,subjective,objective and sensations)

I leave this topic open for further comments from HWC members and share their experiences to see  how far it can be useful as compared to other repertories and soft wares currently available.

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This repertory is said to be the most reliable.It is under discussion at hpathy.I wish the members also discuss it here.
Thank you,share your experiences with TPB and TBR.The TPB on Radar!0 is which one? Boger,Allen or some other.Please share your info on this. Wequar
This is fabulous news and very helpful. Does one need to be a 'professional' homeopath on Hpathy to use this repertory, or is it open to anyone there?
No need to be a professional.It is open to everybody.
Debby i am a bit surprised that you are not in Hpathy; HWC has its advertisement on it also.

As Sajjad said it is free OpenRep.

You must have a go at it,and it may open new avenues for quick prescribing and more correctly for all users of TPB. Garry a member of Hpathy who brought this OpenRep free to Hpathy has opened new avenues for those without any software.

It is yet to be seen how popular it becomes in future.
Hello, Dr. Waquer,
How r u?

i'm in impasse reg. OpenRep.

I downloaded it, & found, to my surprise, that it was in some other language than English.

Kindly, enlighten, how to convert it into English.

Wish u best of everything,


Dear Dr Usmani,

As you are aware that this rep ie Open Rep was introduced on Hpathy by Dr Gary Weaver free for all members at Hpathy.Probably as introductory offer.

it was a sort of Beta version but workable.I also had down loaded and got the English version but i understand that there were some version in Spanish which you got.As at that time it was in an evolving stage it was free,Even the number of rubrics have varied in different Beta version.

Gary left Hpathy,and also HWC,for reason best known to him,but i understand that it was his puristic and strict attitude towards Homeopathy which he could not compromise with and thought best to make a quite retreat.

As he is no more on Hpathy or HWC we are stuck with whatever we have,unless we are willing to purchase the version that he had confided in me while being a member at HWC that it would be soon in the market.

Though i am in contact with him as a friend both being in Florida ,i will convey your problem to him.(These days i am in Karachi but i do keep in touch with him).

I will convey your problem to him,and if he wishes he can communicate with you.

I am trying to learn the intricacies of of that software,and my understanding is that if understood it can be a very powerful and useful tool and as an adjunct to whatever other software we may possess.Couple of cases with this has been startling which i will share with HWC members later.

With best regards

Dr Wequar
Please read;
Posted by Dr. M. A. Usmani on August 11, 2010 at 2:00pm — 2 Comments
It has been confirmed by BJAIN and Archibell that TPB on RADAR10 software is the one translated by Allen.
Now its a great tool for RADAR10 users. I am not sure of any differences between TPB in OpenRep and in Radar soft wares.Please share your experiences on this aspect.
Dr Sahib,
There are some differences.For example;
In mind chapter.
Mind affected in general.124 remedies RADAR.
Mind disposition generally affected.132 remedies.Open rep.
Thank you Lars,for the information. My information was based on the message sent in response to my query "who translated the version used in RADAR" Bjain replied that it was Allen.

Now WHOLE HEALTH has given the background to the RADAR version of TPB.The translation by Peter Vint.

Dimitriardes had also researched and presented his version and the latest version is the P & W 2011 by Gary Weaver and his partner.

The proof of the pudding will be the future response by users of these latest soft wares,and the results that they generate for analyzing their patient's cases.

However one thing is for sure that Boenninghausen is alive with his own version of philosophy which respects Hahnemann's genius;
hello !
there are useful commentaries regarding which version of Boenninghausen is most truly him and about his unique concept on the following discussion groups:
Hans Weitbrecht's Blog
Reliability of repertories
Boger - Boenninghausen Repertory 1905
Suggestions for literature to learn to use Boenninghausens Pocketbook



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