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Boenninghausen's Systematic Repertory of The Homeopathic Medicines - Early American Version?

Dear Members

We are doing a bit of research in this area and i am looking for any information on those topics:

1) Is there an early translation of Boenninghausens SRH published in
England or America? there are rumors, that Hering may have published
one, or hempel, tafel, in the 1850'

2) Any information on the hint that Kent got himself the SRH translated to use it in his repertory.

Hans Weitbrecht

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Hallo Hans:

This is what I found:

1.-Systematic Alphabetic Repertory of Homoeopathic Medicines (in two parts, antipsoric [SRA] and non-antipsoric [SRN] medicines)

2.-Only the SRA has been (1899) translated into English, whilst the more voluminous SRN has not.
(C.M.Boger translated the SRN only insofar as integrating it within his BB, thereby altering the structure, content, and intention of Bönninghausen)

3.-Handbuch, Jahr (JHR), the second edition of which was translated into English and published as the first English language repertory (1838. Later, the way is followed by C. Lippe, E. J. Lee, onto Kent.
(Jahr’s 2nd edition (1835) Handbuch was translated into English by several native speaking American, English and German contributors (North American Academy of Homoeopathic Medicine), under the editorship of C.Hering (HJM)).

Therefore, I consider that the fact that the SRH has been translated it is just that....a rumor.


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