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Body Mapping For Case Taking - A New Application Of A Visual Tool

Dear Homeopaths:

I developed a visual tool to help me in case-taking. This evolved out of my need to capture all the written information of a case on one sheet to view the organs affected along with what I felt were the important notations. 

I'm attaching a blank Body Mapping form if you want to try it and am also attaching a Body Mapping form filled in with a case of mine in my first use of the form to show you how I used it. [see below]

The case I took was of a 12 yr. old boy who had seen another homeopath without result, so you see I wrote the other remedies given.

The mother gave me permission to share this and of course the identification of the person is covered. 

I gave the remedy that was very clear to me in using this form (Lachesis) with great results!

I would love to know if this is helpful for anyone. 

Please leave comments or send me an email for further information.

With best regards,

Mary Terhune

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Mary -- Thank you for sharing these ideas and forms. We often go to the physician for a check up where the intake forms have these same types of visual body maps. It can be creatively used for homeopaths. 

Thanks for your reply Debby.  I see a clearer title should be "A new application of a visual tool!" so I changed my title to reflect that.  I hope this is helpful in being able to capture the totality of the in "a picture is worth a thousand words!"  And I would love to hear from folks to see if it indeed is helpful.  Best regards, Mary

Dear Mary - You may also be familiar with Asa Hershoff's pictorial work of expressing pain on the body map. 

Dear Debby:

Yes I am happy to say I am very familiar with Asa's work having had a chance to spend a lot of time with him at a conference. Thoroughly interesting and brilliant homeopath! I have a signed copy of his book.  I think I should have entitled my form Body Mapping for Homeopathic Case-Taking.  The aim of what I am suggesting with this form is to have the ENTIRE case in its totality expressed in visual form (as much as possible) and not just one symptom here and there.  I have found sometimes I can lose a symptom in my written pages and found this pictorial form helped me capture the important points of the case in total as a visual on one sheet.  I know it is helpful for me and wonder if it might be for others.

Best regards,


Thank you Kuram for your posting.  I hope this tool proves useful to you and would be interested in hearing from you if it makes a positive difference in your cases.

Best to you,


dear mary,

your attempt is good.

Thank you Dr. Shukla.  I hope it proves useful.

Thank-you for this reminder.  When I was in school, first working in or clinic, these were handed out and we were advised to do exactly this.  It was especially helpful to map pain.  I forgot about this tool!  I am going to try it again, thanks for including the file.


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