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"It naturally comes into our minds to celebrate the birthday of Samuel Hahnemann on the eleventh day of April. Some will do this by a banquet, some by speeches, some by silent heart-throbs. Some will celebrate openly and outwardly, while in secret they administer tinctures in physiological doses and compound tablets and alternate two medicines, neither of which is related to the sickness in hand. The silent, heartfelt thankfulness that Hahnemann was born and lived his life an left us  the results of his discoveries in the ORGANON, CHRONIC DISEASES and MATERIA MEDICA PURA, is the best way to celebrate this wonderful man's birthday.

Hahnemann fulfilled his usefulness, and no man ever took his place. This is true of all great and useful men. Every man that does his utmost in useful work leaves no one to do his work. Every man must seek his own work and do it; men fail when they try to fulfil another man's work. Many great men have followed Hahnmann; each has done his own work. Men have become great in Homoeopathy in following principles laid down in Hahnemann's ORGANON, in teaching, translating, compilling, and prescribing, but not a single man has become noted by using tinctures, compound tablets, or ignoring the doctrines of potentization. Some of these have become noted politician, but none of them have been noted teaching the Philosophy or the Materia Medica. The men who have been noted teachers in our Materia Medica have been men who have openly stood for the principles of potentization, the single remedy, the simlar remedy, and all principles found in the ORGANON. All such men will celebrate the birthday of Samuel Hahnemann; many others will make speeches, and eat and drink and be merry."



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Analysis of our clinical work of the whole year ,where we should concentrate on our abilities:-

( success & failure both) for the betterment of our pt. .....will be the best way to celebrate the birthday of Samuel Hahnemann....

A mentality of update yourself is the key of any success...


Greetings to all homeopaths and patients of homeopathy spread across 7 continents - a wonderful "World Homeopathy Day" on 10 April 2011 on account of the 256th birthday (1755) of our master Dr. Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann


Nancy has created a little picture album
Thanks Debby!

Dr.Nilanjana Basu

You are a teacher in Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College. How is your college celebrating this occasion? Please provide some information of the system of your college hospital.

Dear Dr.Prabhat,

We had a programme at our college premises. The programme started off with a saraswati vandana along with lamp lighting by our CMD, Dr Bakshi and Principal, Dr.Ghosh. Welcome speech was given by our collegue from the deptt of Organon of Medicine. It then followed by a skit on the life history of Dr. Hahnemann performed by the students. It was a bit unique as we had a musical skit. E.g. when Hahnemann met Madame Melanie, the background music was " yu to akela hi aksar girke sambhal sakta hu mein, tum jo pakarlo haath mera, duniya badal sakta hu mein".... this part of his life was portrayed by these few lines.

After the skit, there was a presentation on The Provers During the life of Hahnemann.

A Post graduate student presented on the present senario of research in homoeopathy.

Lastly, there was a documentary film made by me and some students on the life of Hahnemann was presented. I will upload it after sometime in this community.

Concluding lecture was given by DR.Bakshi.

You will be glad to know that HWC is now a platform for meeting people LIVE.

Dr. Rajneesh Sharma will soon share his experience during his visit to Aligarh along with his family on18th april  .

He not only given lecture , also enjoyed n dance on the floor with all of us....:-)

Awesome news. I think you mean that HWC introduces people on the internet, but then 'meet-ups' in-person result from these connections. It is quite true and I met many people 'live' at the National Center for Homeopathy Annual Conference in April. Happy to hear such wonderful news about meeting Dr Rajneesh Sharma. Blessings.

Dear Debby,

Thanks a lot for providing such a beautiful platform HWC.  (HWC introduces people on the internet, but then 'meet-ups' in-person result from these connections) Dr.Rajneesh  came in the morning along with his family from Kashipur a 5 hours journey from Aligarh.Dr. Ruchi Rajput also came with him.

During morning session we enjoyed his lecture & various cured cancer case details.

During evening session we all enjoyed lot the felicitations, music, dance followed by diner. Both children of Dr.Rajneesh also sing english songs.They went back next day morning with lots of hope for the future.

Hope this is a beginning......  

Dear Dr.Nilanjana Basu

Very nice to hear that you all are still enjoing the college-life....

"yu to akela hi aksar girke sambhal sakta hu mein, tum jo pakarlo haath mera, duniya badal sakta hu mein"

We will rather say " Tumko dekha ,khud ko samjha, aaina aacha laga... Bheer thi sahil pe iitni, doobna aacha laga" 

We are still( from 15 yrs) engaged with so many activities during Hahnemann's B'day celebration...making video presentations,songs,narrations & films....carry on Dr....waiting for your documentary film....

Yes that can be there too.
This is super place to post follow up reports of your WHAW events.
On this occasion Dr Poonam Batra [Member of this community] is Awarded for his good work in Homoeopathy. She has completed her 25 year of successful practice in Aligarh city. Please all members congratulate her for this great achievement.


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