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BiPolar Disease Affects The Entire Family and All Relationships
There is the possibility of Suicide. 

This particular film shows that children can have bipolar.

It would be interesting to investigate more about their emotional and mental stability or should we say "instability?"  Are these children exhibiting a particular miasmatic expression of depression, sadness and anger?

Has anyone treated cases of bipolar disorder? 

The name of the film is, "Beyond Nuclear" indicating that there is an Explosive energy. 

We could probably name a list of homeopathic remedies with this characteristic of violence. What about the issue of 'self-harm'? We have so many remedies in our arsenal that addresses SUICIDE, by shooting, stabbing, cutting, etc. 

We have remedies for rage and anger and fear. 

Certainly, we take each case on an individual basis. Let us create awareness that perhaps we need a movie entitled, "Beyond Drugs" that illustrates successful cases where children grow up "normal" after homeopathic treatment for these emotional behaviors. Let's keep families together and save them from breaking apart. 


I felt this young woman did a great job of explaining her condition and she is doing positive work by informing the public about bipolar disease. I'm sure we could find a few rubrics that she has stated in this video blog. 

LINK: Our Member Tatjana-Mihaela from Croatia is an incredible internet author. 

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i had a patient similar to this young lady, i treated her with hyocyamus and then arg met. i also gave her iodium. i would like to know what her monthly menses is like.
Hi Michelle - Thank you for commenting. This is an excellent question to ask women who have this disease since it occurs in a cycle of periodicity where we might also see fluctuations in hormone level activity and emotional ups and downs. Great way to get some information.
Hello Debby:

A very interesting subject...Very frequent in our modern society.

Comes to my mind Nux Moschata:

Nux moschata: Sleepiness (symptom common in the depressed phase), he or sheis like intoxicated, further agravatted in evening, by mental effort, in pregnancy or walking outdoors. Erratic thoughts or ideas (when writing), talk or read. Problems in recent memory.

In the other extrem or pole, their behavior, attitudes and positions taken are odd, ridiculous gestures, laughing immoderately, alternate laughter and tears, or sadness or joy and vivacity and calm. He/She is joker and sometimes their behavior is childish, their character is changing or alternating and he or she speaks extravagantly, ridiculous and absurd or hesitant, and passes rapidly from one topic to another. Singing in manic states.

Another remedies with very marked Joyful or playful mood alternating with sadness and seriousness are Ignatia Amara and Valeriana.

Best wishes
Dr. G
The cause before the onset of the condition holds the key to effective treatment of this disorder, like any other disease condition at hand. The remedies prescribed on the pure symptom totality only help palliate the condition.

I recall a lady aged 48 years, diagnosed with this condition and was on mood stabilizers for nearly a decade, the symptoms were indicative of Stramonium which palliated the situation for a while, untill she received a dose of Veratrum Album CM which made her alright.

It is fascinating to hear all of these stories and realize the choice of remedies is practically unlimited. We do have a pool of remedies that are chosen for the common symptom picture related to bipolar disorder, but to always listen and learn from the patient.


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