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According to Reuters...

The eighth most popular Google search right now is for Jon Matthews, a British resident who claims a groundbreaking homeopathic remedy has made him the longest-living mesothelioma patient in history.

Reuters no longer has a link to this article.

Here is the link on the DAILY MAIL to the news story of his thankfulness to an Indian Homeopath

Jon Matthews passed on 


Jon Matthews Age: 58  

Woburn Sands, United Kingdom

Treated for: Lung Cancer

Jon Matthews was believed to have an incurable disease.
"Having taken early retirement at the age of 55 following my wifes' sad demise (lung cancer), I was just getting used to a quiet comfortable life without stress when a routine chest x-ray showed fluid in my right lung.  The usual treatment of antibiotics did not improve the situation at all, and the amount of fluid was increasing, making breathing more difficult. The bottom line was that I was eventually diagnosed with mesothelioma, an asbestos-related lung cancer which is incurable.  The experts gave me 9-12 months to live.  That was in April, 2006.  By June 2007 I was feeling well enough to lead a normal life, and started pondering on my extended time on Earth, having not only expected to be dead by then, but also having arranged and paid for my own funeral.  An old friend, knowing my ailment, told me I had to meet a 'great healer' (his words) who could help me. 

Sceptical?  Oh yes!  
Until I met Dr. Atiq; not only one of the nicest people I have met, but a man who you know is telling the truth when he discusses illnesses.   I will be 2 years past my expiry date shortly.  
I can think of nobody better to turn to when you need help with health."   


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Thank you Dana - I saw this news yesterday from David Hartley.
How can we activate more people to join twitter and tweet about positive homeopathic news?
I just wanted to let you know that the link has something different on it now. However, here's another one that should give info: Jon Matthew's page.
Sorry Dana, I could not find the link.
Its great was it all homeopathy or is he mixing up aruveda/ herbal meds with Homeopathy?


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