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Does the bedbug cause serious infections?


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This serious problem is growing.

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Bed Bugs

In homeopathy, there is one remedy prepared from bedbugs: Cimex lect

No.Comparatively they are innocent.

Kaviraj and I did a BlogTalkRadio show all about bedbugs on November 3, 2010 on How Homeopathy Helps Grow Great Gardens
They used to trouble us during our stay at college hostel.

Because they want to keep students awake to do their college work daily.


Bed bugs bites are very itchy and this may lead to a serious infection when scratched thoroughly. Don't let the bed bugs bite your children. Children can’t resist the bites of these bed bugs and have less control in scratching themselves. Scratching a swollen bed bug bite would scrape the skin and may lead to serious infection to your skin.

One should know the most likely places where bed bugs can be found once they get into your home.

1.Bed bugs are more likely to be found in buildings where many occupants sleep or where there is frequent turnover, such as a hotel or college dormitory.

2.Bed bugs tend to congregate where people sleep more than any other part of the home. They love hiding out in the bed frame, mattress, and box spring.

3.Given their flattened body shape, bed bugs hide out in cracks and crevices within a room, the furniture, and other objects.

4.Bed bugs can wander from apartment to apartment using the voids between walls and wire/pipe holes.

5.Bed bugs like warmth. They are known to enter laptops, netbooks, and DSL ports, which are also very portable objects that you might inadvertently carry around to other rooms and homes!

6.Occasionally, bats and birds introduce bed bugs.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Entering the Home

  1. Check for bed bugs before unpacking during a trip away from home. Change rooms or hotels immediately if you see any evidence of bed bugs.
  2. Pull back the sheets from the mattress and look for bugs along the seams or tiny blood spots on the mattress.
  3. Look along the edges of the box springs and in the seams of the bedding.
  4. Inspect the Headboard and behind it.
  5. Examine wood or upholstered furniture, especially along crevices and seams. Bed bugs seem to prefer wood and fabric to plastic and metal.
  6. Don't put your baggage on the bed. Use the suitcase holder if provided, or leave your luggage in the bath tub or outside until you have inspected the room.
  7. Take care of bed bugs that may have hitched a ride on clothing.
  8. Separate laundry into plastic bags so the clothes can be placed directly in the washer without bugs escaping. Wash and dry the clothes on the highest setting that the fabric can withstand or take items to the dry cleaners.
  9. Undress on a hard surface floor rather than on carpet if you suspect bed bugs are on your clothing. Bed bugs do not travel on people like lice do. Wipe off the floor to capture any bed bugs that fall off the clothes.
  10. Inspect luggage and other personal items for bed bugs. Vacuum off luggage and items that cannot be washed with other items with hot, soapy water. Use a brush to scrub items, especially where bugs and eggs may be hiding in the seams and folds.
  11. Take care when bringing used furniture and clothing into your house. Wash clothing immediately. Furniture, however, should be inspected carefully before even bringing it into your home:
  12. Check the crevices, behind moldings and other embellishments, and any cracks.
  13. Avoid bringing home used mattresses.
  14. Wash and dry all soft furnishings, such as curtains, at high temperatures before using.


Thank you for ur Replies. Even though It is not proved, I suspect that it might cause some infections like Hydrocephalus (after 6 month Exposure). Is it possible?

Dear Dr. Sekar,

Pl. see the link below to get your answer. Answers BedBug Questions

Not at all.
Bed bugs keep capturing us to remain in bed comfortably because the mosquitoes might take us flying with them away of bed during deep sleep.....


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