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Because it works-Can we learn from this clever marketing,can we apply this to spreading homeopathy?

I am inspired Alright!The obvious---------------------------------------------------------------------
Why Homeopathy is not getting promoted as it should be?
Read an article on how allopathy does its marketing-

"Because it works."-

The companies spend huge amounts paying firms that carefully track what doctors prescribe, and then they use the information to tailor messages to doctors, distribute samples and develop continuing medical education programs.

Gagnon and Lexchin report that Pharma spends more than $20 billion a year on "detailers" -- the pharma reps that knock on doctor doors, ply the staff with free coffee and lunches, distribute samples ($16 billion worth), and prod docs to prescribe their drugs.

This is complemented by a host of tactics that in other circumstances might be called bribes.

"Virtually all physicians in America take cash or gifts from the drug companies," says Melody Petersen, author of Our Daily Meds: How the Pharmaceutical Companies Transformed Themselves into Slick Marketing Machines and Hooked the Nation on Prescription Drugs, and a former New York Times reporter.

"A recent survey said 94 percent of physicians took something of value from the drug companies.

Some doctors take hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from these companies, and there’s no law that says they can’t."

Petersen says she "had no idea this was so extensive until one day I was writing a story about Celebrex and Vioxx -- this was before Vioxx was taken off the market. The story was about the marketing battle between these two pain drugs. I called one of the large societies of rheumatologists and asked for an expert on arthritis. I specifically said I needed an expert who was not being paid as a consultant to one of the manufacturers of these drugs. A staff person said,

'We have lots of people you can talk to, but all of these doctors are consultants to one or both of the drug companies.'"

Drug companies hire doctors to give lectures, and they hire other doctors as "consultants" to go to fancy dinners and listen to the lectures.

"There are more than 500,000 of these dinners or events in America every year," Petersen says.

The drug companies weave these diverse strategems into an elaborate tapestry -- not infrequently to push drugs for inappropriate purposes.

One eye-opening case that Petersen details in Our Daily Meds concerns Neurontin, a mediocre drug for epilepsy that Warner-Lambert illegally peddled as an unapproved treatment for bipolar disorder, migraines, attention deficit disorder in children and other conditions.

The drug does not work for most of these conditions. Many persons were injured by taking excessive doses of Neurontin, and many others wasted money and emotional energy on hopeless Neurontin treatment strategies.

Warner-Lambert ultimately paid $430 million to settle criminal and civil charges related to Neurontin marketing, but Petersen says that, even so, the illegal marketing scheme was clearly profitable for Warner-Lambert (and Pfizer, which acquired Warner-Lambert in 2000).

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Companies Use Clout to Protect Profits

As in previous years, drug companies and their lobbying arm, the Pharmaceutical Research and
Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), made sure that elected officials were aware of their clout
– and their wishes – during 2002.

As documented in the new Public Citizen report, The Other Drug War 2003, the extent of the
drug industry’s lobbying blitz is revealed by federal lobbying disclosure records for 2002.

Public Citizen’s analysis of those documents shows that the industry spent a record $91.4
million on lobbying activities, an 11.6 percent increase from 2001.23 And this figure does not
include spending on advertising and other public relations, direct mail and telemarketing
efforts, or grants to advocacy groups and academics pushing the industry’s position
What is it that you want us to learn from this example? Just because other organizations use bribery does not make it ethically and morally correct. In this day and age of transparency many of these activities are coming out into the open.

Harvard Medical School is no longer condoning any of these pharmaceutical activities of giving gifts, meals, travel trips, samples, etc. The media are writing about it to hopefully cause some legal action to prevent the continuation of bribes.

Our lesson is to NOT do this "just because it works" but because we have a moral fiber built in which tells us that the human spirit can work at a higher level.
Hi Debby
Of course I agree with everything you just said.
My reason for posting this.
"Because it works"
Is to show how desperate Allopathy is,the hoops they jump through to get their toxic prescriptions in the hands of consumers-'because it does nOT work'. Not one drug has cured a diseased condition,so they rely on mass media marketing instead.
Its trickery,manipulation,bribery,politics,corruption,fraud all for the purpose of selling drugs that DO NOT WORK.

In turn;
We see the opposite in Homeopathic Medicine-
Homeopathy has no bloodstains,no record of this corruption,no adverse effects,no yearly death toll,no abuse in political manipulation,no lobbyist to push a product that is highly toxic.No billion dollar $ fund for advertisements,TV adds.Yet Homeopathy has cured the incurable for 200+ years!

The two opposite sides BLACK AND WHITE-
The manipulation of allopathic marketing VS the 200+ yrs of NON marketing of homeopathics.

The picture is verry clear to us who have been homeopaths who have used homeopathic remedies on our families,why is it NOT clear to the consumers?
I started this to open discussion............................................


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