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Creating Waves of Awareness

Enclosed one of my art portraits (pastels used)

One out of thousands and thousands of pieces I have done-


To be creative in all arts is a healing modality,keeps you thinking outside the box,addressing your imagination,creating artforms is pure healing without limitation.

Share your Thoughts here-What about a page with your artwork? Any Homeopaths that are artists out there?

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before becoming a homeopath, i used to use sound (toning) for healing as well - i think color/sound / homeopathic remedies all work on the energetic level and affect the life force - key is to find the similar "signature" ... sometimes i think the intuition of the music therapist hits the similimum in a note/a piece of music and can trigger the life force to pick up action.

I feel it is in the nature of humanity to try and match things to each other, ie. this tone is this remedy, but in reality, i don't know if it is possible, or desirable - a tone, sung with the vibration of overtones for example, with the essence of the singer in the tone is as individual an energy as it gets - just as individual as one plant vs. another - one remedy vs. another. - one patient vs. another.
Hi Gina,
your work is fascinating, the composition as well as colors ! For me painting as well as music are both opportunities to discover myself and as such accompany my life journey and cure - although I still consider myself to be a layman rather then an artist. I really wish I had more time to pursue these wonderful hobbies !

Paintings, the style and used colors also tell us a lot about the patient, his state of mind and miasms. Some homeopath even integrate paintings, especially from kids, in their case analysis and management - how they change within the course of homeopathic treatment, demonstrating the solution of deeper conflicts etc. It's a fascinating tool !
Hi Katja,Thanks for the reply on my artwork. Art is part of my soul/my being/I live breath and eat art.A means to expell the inner expressions manifesting in a visual template,A venue to release suppression,so yes its verry good for theraphy,verry good to put into use in our casework.For those patients that do not communicate well,autistic,illiterate,mute-its an aid to connecting with the world (and interacting with their homeopathic practicioners).
We as mere mortals cannot always say as we please thus offending people around us,manuvering this means of expression into art can express our thoughts without offence.
When I paint/draw a person in front of me (I only do human subjects no still life,no nature-not interested in that only the human body)I dont paint what most see,I paint what I feel radiating from that person.Or if I go by memory I use the same thought process,I dont paint my subjects in realism, I express more of the emotional /spiritual aspect of each subject.


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