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Be Careful To Wash Hands After Handling Fresh Cut Flowers From The Florist

As a homeopath I get calls often from mothers around Easter or holiday time asking for suggestion to deal with issues of belly aches and fevers, coughs, sore throat. Most times it is due to what the child ate in the "celebration" of the season, so I was not alarmed with a client called about her son who had a

  • Sudden fever
  • Flushed cheeks
  • Deep cough with some rattling mucus that was not able to cough up but really dry more then anything
  • Wincing when coughing and saying that his chest and throat hurt when coughing. 
  • Head ache worse coughing
  • Lethargic and listless

Almost sounds like flu symptoms or some odd virus. I asked what the child was eating that day before this happened. Mother mentions that she and her boys had gone to the cemetery after mass that morning of Easter and took flowers to a grave site of a love one. She said that she gave each of her sons one of the roses from the bouquet and then they came home had something to eat and the children both had something from the Easter basket that was simply a few natural ingredient candies like a peanut butter cup and some "gummy bears" or something like this.

Mom was thinking that maybe it was an allergy to the rose, even though he had never had any allergic reaction to flowers before. I did mentions that Flowers were sprayed with Mercury for perseveration of the color of the flowers by some florists but we really didn't think much of it.

So I suggested that he take his remedy more often which was Sulphur. Mother said that she had tried it before calling me but it really did nothing, so had she tried Belladonna because of the glassy eyes and the sudden attitude of the fever but that didn't work either. Feverish and red cheeks and didn't know what to do about this cough that was really painful for him. I suggested Bryonia due to worse on coughing and motion, but as a back up I suggested Ferrum Phos 6x or 12x if a few doses of the Bryonia was not working for him.

So mom calls me later on that day telling that Ferrum Phos seems to be helping even though he is still listless and the cough is dry. But he seems to be on the mend a little more perky and laughing.

Monday mom calls saying that he is still feverish and head is hurting with this cough that has now caused his throat to be really sore. I asked if he was better with cold or warm drinks and Mother said that either was fine and I suggested that if there is still this flushed appearance to his cheeks and his cough is dry and barking that she try Aconite instead. She felt that the cough was choking but that he was forcing the cough to try to bring something up that was really deep and rattley low in his chest but not barking per se. She said she would try the Aconite Nap and thought she might have a 30c. She told me that she would call me the next day..

Well Mom calls Tuesday Morning telling me that he is really no better then yesterday and that she was thinking how this all started right after she gave him the rose at the Cemetery and so she questioned him more about the rose. He admitted that there was a drop of water upon one of the petals and he touched his tongue to it. Well, to say the least this really set out the "red and blue lights to flash" in my head and I told her that the floral industry often sprays or sprinkles mercury with other preservatives upon their cut flowers to keep the color in the petals because the flower is really dead at that point of cutting it. I asked her if she had any homeopathic Mercury, Mercurius Vivis or Merc Sol? " Yes", she had a 30 or Vivis.. So I suggested that she begin this remedy immediately.

About an hour later mother gave me a call saying that it was remarkable how after only after the first three doses given in a few seconds her son was vomiting and then the fever was lessened and he was asking her for a bit to eat and seemed so much happier and then took a nap and slept soundly for the first time in two days. She continued to give him the Merc Viv for a few doses throughout the day and will be doing so today and then we will see how he feels tomorrow

All of the symptoms that he was expressing were certainly Merc, but I just don't think of merc often and really don't use it much, especially with children who have never been vaccinated as he is not. So this was a true "eye opener" for us both.

I have shared this story to remind you that cut flowers from a florist may have bleach or other preservatives on them and please wash your hands and those of your children after touching these flowers and please warn them not to lick, touch to their lips of eat any florist cut flowers. This does not go for many of the flowers that grow in your home gardens. Many of those flowers are perfect to eat or to make into "rose water" or nasturtiums in your salads or petunias or violets or red clover flowers also the flowers of borage and comfrey are perfectly safe and healthy to be eaten. I also love Chrysanthemum tea but you cannot make if from any commercially grown sources. Here is a link for edible flowers if you care to study these lovely additions to your salads in colorful and delightful ways

What's Cooking

Products That Help to Keep Flowers Fresh
Many florists use products to help them maintain the freshness of their flowers. Bleach, when added in very small amounts to buckets and vases of water, can inhibit the growth of bacteria and work to keep flowers fresh. Floral preservative powders, when added to buckets and vases of water, act like food for flowers, and help to keep them strong and healthy. Some florists spray their flowers with floral preservative sprays, which can help to keep the blooms firm and vibrant.

How Do Florists Keep Flowers Fresh?

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The wonderful thing with our principle of similarity, is that the cause of the illness is much less important than the way it affects the patient. So even with unknown causes, we can still cure. This is a real advantage over orthodox medicine for us!

It is terrible to think though, how much risk we are put at by the careless actions of others. The lack of acceptance of the fine dynamic levels of existence means we are exposed to all sorts of chemicals and poisons without any regard for how it might alter our health. And the real worry is how little control we have over what we are exposed to. The modern world's obsession with pollution is a huge challenge to all health pratitioners.

Yes.  It is true.  I should have just paid attention just to the symptoms and not try to over think it.  Mother told me in the beginning that there was a flower involved.  She, of course thought of allergy.  I thought of mercury immediately, but dismissed it.  That was my failure.  I was given the clue for the start and should have gone with it, even though mother was not onto it.  I, as a homeopath, who know the similar symptoms of Mercury should have just picked up on it and went with that remedy.  I just assumed that it was part of his continued case and thought there was something else going on.  That again was my failure.  I should have just thought of the symptoms and then the clue that was given to me from the start..  I thought it so poignant to relate because there are so many people who believe that homeopath is placebo and that any remedy will be just fine.  The issues will just resolve themselves with or without the correct remedy.  This goes to show that the correct remedy must be discovered and used or the issues will not resolve.  I wrote this as an email to my list of connects.  Debby asked me to post it on the Homeopathy world Community site as a Cure case because it was so compelling.  I am pleased that you read about it and commented to it.  Please share it with any of your contacts who are interested in homeopathy or true natural methods of health and healing.  Thanks again.


Ah it's not a failure, it's the process we all go through as homoeopaths. Sometimes we have to learn to trust our instincts, and I think over time you do that more and more. Actually, no process that teaches you something valuable can ever be called a failure :)

Even better when it teaches others too!



Thank you, David.  You are correct.  It is not a failure.  It was important in order to share the process with others and to let them know that this is how we go about seeking and discovery the correct remedy and that this process is valid.  It was more that I believe that I allowed my ego to get in the way.  I should have gone with what was given to me from the beginning by the Mother's words to me about the flower.  No "failure" when the patient is cured.


Thank you for this case! It is a great opportinity to learn how instict could be leading to right. There are so many things we don't know or can't measure yet. Energy is something so huge we can't understand. Thank you!

Yes.  we have to stop the "ego" and just "allow" and not to "think" but to listen.  That is the best homeopath, the best human really is the one who listens and stop attempting to add the "ego" into any of it.  Gifts are given.  Just accept and listen and realize.

Blessings to you.


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