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January 5, 2011 BBC News 


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THey are really getting desperate!
Dear friends,
This news report is actually not against Homeopathy, but against certain pharmacies marketing some specific “homeopathic” formulations as preventive or curative for certain diseases like Malaria. Almost all “experiments” to disprove homeopathy is done one these specific homeopathic formulations. The sleeping pill experiment was also done in the same manner. There are no specific medicines in homeopathy- the selection of a remedy is based upon the individual features of the patient. Even while giving homeopathy for preventive purpose, we should select the drug ONLY after studying the affected patients in the same area. We call it as genus epidemicus. This person had not taken the genus epidemicus! Without knowing the character of diseases prevalent in that area, just taking a homeopathic preparation is meaningless. The system of medicine is not responsible for the wrong remedy selection or some business done under the name of homeopathy.
Highlighting one or two failures after the wrong application of homeopathy will never affect the reputation of this system of medicine, because there are thousands of positive results that will not be telecasted in channels like BBC. Media is always one sided, eager to find out the negatives and pitfalls, and they always ignore the positive qualities. Similarly, skeptics are also one sided. They are not aware of billions of deaths caused by the modern medical drugs! Every person has got the right to select the system he needs to take, similarly, he has the right to consult a genuine homeopath and take the medicine as per the guidelines given in the homeopathic literature. As a homeopath, I never support patent products and specifics marketed as “homeopathic medicine”.  Rightly selected homeopathic remedy will never fail to cure. Aude sapare.
Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

One-sided diseases are usually difficult to cure. They have only one or two symptoms (they have one or two negative results). Similarly the analogy fits good here. Thanks Dr.Rafeeque.
Good analogy. However, now we must work hard to repair the inadequacy of this system, or you might called it a "dysfunction."

Dear Dr. Rafeeque, I - for one - agree very much with what you are saying! It is not homeopathy to prescribe somethine to prevent a disease - with the exception of genus epidemicus, which is also often a temporary thing, I would think, - before any actual symptoms of a person are known! ANd I have always felt that it is this sort of "failure" that is going to be used to give bad name to homeopathy - and this is happening - and escalating - right now.

I think the only way to counter this is to find a way to tell the public the truth about homeopathy - that it is not supplements, preventative (in the general allopathic sense of the word), or substitute for any other conventiona drug, like the "sleeping pill" that you've mentioned. It's - like Vithoulkas says in the recent youtube video - a way to stimulate a person that has a disease in order to make them capable of dealing THEMSELVES with this disease, so our critics help us to become more precise in understanding and stating what we are doing - we are not curing diseases, but people with this diseases, and the disease will go away only if the person is "curable" - that is if the homeopath is able to find them the curative remedy, which is not always possible for a variety of reasons.

On the other hand, it would be interesting to know whether the conventional treatments/preventatives, like the one for Malaria, about which the report says many times so confidently that "they have been proven to work" - are actually as well proven as they are supposed to be? WOUld anyone be aware of such studies? After all someone could find a person for whom the conventional "preventative" medication did not work - and have them say exactly the same words that the person in this documentary says...

There are positive and negative reports on the use of preventive medicines marketed as homeopathic medicine. Here they have only highlighted the negative results. We get hundreds of kids coming with measles, mumps, and German measles. It clearly proves that MMR vaccine is useless. Similarly, we also get TB patients with a big scar mark on their left deltoid region, which shows that BCG is useless. But, the "health experts" are not bothered about the negative result with these vaccines. Having an account in the Swiss bank is the main matter for them!

The only impact of such fake allegation is, the ordinary people may develop certain doubts on homeopathy. We can easily teach the truth by practical application of homeopathy, and also by free lectures, articles etc. After all, the ordinary people are more intelligent that these "scientists", they know what is homeopathy and its efficacy. Their support is the main reason for the survival of homeopathy in this materialistic world.

I do agree with you Dr. Rafeeque.

The Medical Community needs homeopathic remedies which do not cause resistant strains to develop and support the organism using 'the similimum' to overcome disease naturally, resulting in a stronger immune system.

  • Most Commonly Used Malarial Drugs Have Side-Effects and Loss of Effectiveness As Bacterial Vector Mutates.
  • Dangers of handing out powerful pharmaceutical drugs: "Worse still, most of these people with malaria treat themselves with antimalarial agents acquired over the counter or passed from household to household."
  • Today, resistance to chloroquine in malaria caused by P. falciparum occurs everywhere exceptin Central America (and Hispaniola) and in some regions of southwestern Asia.
  • PDF FILE: A global public health threat due to the resurgence of malaria stems from a general collapse of vector control operations and from resistance to chloroquine or sulfadoxine–pyrimethamine.
They have deleted my comments from youtube. This is just a onesided game. Shame on them!
Really? I'm in shock. Everyone has been reporting this action on all the websites.

You're right---they're gone.  My understanding is that a sponsor cannot delete comments except in certain circumstances that certainly don't apply to your comments. 


I've posted material on similar videos (JamesBlissUK and Tre Velocita).  It's still there.

trying to explain homeopathy to these fools is like when an astro-physicist is trying to explain asto-physics to a kindergarden child, although there is a better chance of the child to understand it than these totally stuck, ignorant individuals who now are taking desperate measures to push homeopathy aside.

These TV puppet shows should unite us all together, it's about time that homeopaths around the world unite and stand together to raise awareness, not to back up and walk away with our heads down.


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