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By Dr Guillermo Zamora Medical Doctor from Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara; Homeopath from Homeopatía de Guadalajara A.C.

Whether you are a homeopath or a patient, how many times have you heard that homeopathy works like a vaccine? This comparison is so frequent that we use to answer “yes” or “resembling”; but we know the truth. That’s why I would like to analyze the discovery of vaccine, and for reminding to those who already are aware.

The smallpox epidemic, in 1774, had become a tremendous plague that flogged fundamentally to Europe and America, both quantitatively and seriously. While it was difficult to discover a method that could combat smallpox, Edward Jenner visited a farm and paid acute attention to the words from a young woman who said, " I am not going to get sick of smallpox because I am vaccinated or vacunada" (from the Latin word vaca=cow). Since the woman’s occupation was a milkmaid and she touched the cow daily, it was hitherto that Jenner´s reasoning got a connection and thus, he starts a thorough investigation to verify that all those who performed this task had been immunized from the contaminant of cowpox.

Noting the common observation that milkmaids generally did not get smallpox, Jenner theorized about that the milkmaids who had received pus from cowpox´s blisters (a cow´s disease similar to smallpox, but least virulent) seemed to be protected against smallpox. He could have had the advantage of hearing stories from Benjamin Jesty and others who deliberately exposed to their families with cowpox infection, and then he noticed a reduced risk of smallpox in those families.

On 14 May 1796, Jenner tested his hypothesis by inoculating James Phipps, an eight years old young boy, with material from the cowpox blisters from the hand of Sarah Nelmes, a milkmaid who had caught cowpox from a cow, and as a result of such experiment that young man was immune.

Jenner used a natural illness to prevent another similar disease. By extension, now that name (Vaccine or Vacuna in Spanish) is used for all substances that are used in an attempt to prevent populations from acquiring diseases, although the basic principle is different from that used by Jenner, or to explain in another way, Jenner used the homeopathic principle and not the isopathic (used for vaccines), but even Jenner never realized (or he did not understand) this principle. His followers also mistook the principle, and now mankind is paying the outcome.

It is important to mention that in Jenner´s times there was no technology to determinate microbiologic life.

* Isopathy: Consists in treating the sick with the same disease suffering, through suppurations, secretions, live, dead or attenuated micro-organisms, etc.

Measles & Small-Pox

Dr Y. R. Agrawal

A real treasure

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