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Bad Breath (Halitosis)
Usually smelled by others. To test your breath, breathe into the cupped palm of your hand and in hale. Various mouth and upper digestive tract conditions can cause bad breath, for example, Caries, Gingivitis(inflamed gums), ulser in the mouth or on the tongue, Salivation Disorders, and Indigestion(gases from the stomach); bad breath can also accompany infection such as Colds, Sinussitis, Sore Throat, Tonsillitis, and Laryngitis; metabolic disorder such as Diabetes, and smoking, drugs, and fasting can also cause the breath to smell. In such circumstances, toothpastes and mouth washes are of little avail.
Specific Remedies:
.Breath smells sour, especially after drinking alcohol, slight  nausea, worse in morning. Nux Vomica-6c 
.Breath and sweet smell offensive, whole room smells of bad breath, copious saliva, dental decay, tongue yellow and furry. Mercurius-6c 
.After eating fatty food, person not at all thirsty, mouth ulcers. Pulsatilla-6c 
.Breath smells putrid or bitter, especially in young people of pubertal age. Aurum-6c 
.Putrid smelling breath, gums healthy but teeth loose, mouth ulcers. Nitric acid-6c 
.Breath smells of feces. Quercus-6c
.Bad breath due to blood in mouth, especially after injury. Arnica-6c

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There are several reasons for bad breath. The usually mentioned causes include dental lesions, oral lesions, bio film on the tongue, digestive problems, liver diseases, diseases like diabetes, lack of oral hygiene etc. But, the less discussed lesion is the commonest reason. It is nothing but Tonsillolith or tonsil stones. These are whitish pasty materials with a horrible odor. Four years back, I had conducted a study on the same topic. I have examined several patients with bad breath and found that 98% of cases are due to either tonsillolith or the thin fluid secreted through the crypts of the tonsil. I have also noticed that bad breath is absent among those who have done tonsillectomy! Of course, they have other side effects of tonsillectomy such as recurrent pharyngitis, chest infections etc.


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