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Baba Ramdev In The Eyes Of A Homeopath | Analysis of Personality

Viewing Baba Ramdev through the eyes of a homoeopath

Dear friends Baba Ramdev is an internationally renowned Yoga Guru, Motivator, Promoter of Ayurveda & is actively involved in social service.  He has been Demonstrating against some of the government policies. As the government is not taking desireable action against black money which is around 400 million billion INR  and corruption. He is praised by the masses but CRITICISED BY SO CALLED POLITICIANS as he is putting every black and white in front of the public of India. 

What I Percieve rubrics of Baba Ramdev's personality from friends, Society, Magazines News papers and other sources, I just analysed them. It may be possible that you might differ with me in the selection of some traits of his presonality, but this is mine perception after all.

MIND - TRUTH - telling the plain truth


MIND - RECTIFYING - desire to rectify

MIND - CURSING - rage - in

MIND - CURSING - restrain himself in order not to curse; has to


MIND - SELF-CONTROL - increased  

MIND - AMBITION - increased - fame; for

MIND - AMBITION - increased - means employed; every possible

MIND - FIGHT, wants to - helpless people; for

MIND - INJUSTICE, cannot support



MIND - POLITICS - ability for

MIND - POLITICS - occupied with politics; too

MIND - POLITICS - aversion to political engagement

MIND - DISCUSS - political disputes, inclined to

MIND - EXCITEMENT - debate, during

MIND - EFFICIENT, organized

MIND - LOQUACITY - religious subjects, about

MIND - LOQUACITY - question after another; asks one

MIND - LOQUACITY - changing quickly from one subject to another

MIND - ANXIETY - health; about - others; of

MIND - SIMPLE persons


MIND - PHILOSOPHY - ability for


MIND - IDEAS - abundant

MIND - ACTIVITY - desires activity - creative activity

MIND - MEMORY - active

MIND - REASON increased, power of

MIND - DEEDS - great deeds; sensation as if he could do

MIND - USEFUL; desire to be




MIND - WILL - strong will power


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Thanks A lot  Dr. Sanjay Solunke.

Very nice perception Dr. Vikas . Yours point of disposition and its follow through to morbid symptoms is worth applause. But real personality needs deduction from what is observed and what is told and provided. if that is possible here in the discussion, where we can put our analysis of observed traits and deduced totality, then discussion will be much fruitful and interesting.

The way he smiles ( cunning smile ) , the way he reacts in a crisis ( ran away furiously in front of media ), the way he addresses others ( ajay the news reporter when they put some bitter question) , the ostentation and money game in his camps, the allegations ( that he captured ashram ) etc etc ....all these can be discussed as a part of personality.


Dr. Mittu I highly appreciate your view point, Please read I have written that it is my observation and  I analysed whatever I observed, There are always two sides of coin may be I am missing the one or... 

Absolutely Dr. Verma. You already mentioned that. It was my suggestion only.You didn't miss anything. i was suugesting the another angle to observe simply. As Topic you posted is really interesting and different perspectives must be posted by other respected doctors as well. As it will not only enhance our repertory knowledge but rather it will enhance case-taking and materia-medica knowledge as well. I must say, Your selection of rubrics is appreciable.

Thanks a lot  Dr. Meakin Mittu .

This incident is an interesting twist to this post.  The reaction of Baba Ramdev when his gathering was raided by police and he was expected to be arrested...instead of boldly facing up he jumped of the stage and escape in the guise of a lady.  Wasn't this cowardice!

A persons reaction to stress give the key -often

 Dr. Valerian Mendonca  what rubric will you suggest owing to your observation?

Escape, desires to run away


Fear responsibility

Charlatan ( If proved )

These are likely rubrics which if confirmed may indicate lycopodium...once someone comes on strongly then he will become submissive. Domineering to inferior, timid with superior

As per your observation I think you want to say about this rubric
 MIND - FEAR - escape; with desire to...

Well yes, thats more precise

This is discussion is going very interestingly and informatively sir...



ambition increased


delusion great man .....etc.


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