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Baba Ramdev In The Eyes Of A Homeopath | Analysis of Personality

Viewing Baba Ramdev through the eyes of a homoeopath

Dear friends Baba Ramdev is an internationally renowned Yoga Guru, Motivator, Promoter of Ayurveda & is actively involved in social service.  He has been Demonstrating against some of the government policies. As the government is not taking desireable action against black money which is around 400 million billion INR  and corruption. He is praised by the masses but CRITICISED BY SO CALLED POLITICIANS as he is putting every black and white in front of the public of India. 

What I Percieve rubrics of Baba Ramdev's personality from friends, Society, Magazines News papers and other sources, I just analysed them. It may be possible that you might differ with me in the selection of some traits of his presonality, but this is mine perception after all.

MIND - TRUTH - telling the plain truth


MIND - RECTIFYING - desire to rectify

MIND - CURSING - rage - in

MIND - CURSING - restrain himself in order not to curse; has to


MIND - SELF-CONTROL - increased  

MIND - AMBITION - increased - fame; for

MIND - AMBITION - increased - means employed; every possible

MIND - FIGHT, wants to - helpless people; for

MIND - INJUSTICE, cannot support



MIND - POLITICS - ability for

MIND - POLITICS - occupied with politics; too

MIND - POLITICS - aversion to political engagement

MIND - DISCUSS - political disputes, inclined to

MIND - EXCITEMENT - debate, during

MIND - EFFICIENT, organized

MIND - LOQUACITY - religious subjects, about

MIND - LOQUACITY - question after another; asks one

MIND - LOQUACITY - changing quickly from one subject to another

MIND - ANXIETY - health; about - others; of

MIND - SIMPLE persons


MIND - PHILOSOPHY - ability for


MIND - IDEAS - abundant

MIND - ACTIVITY - desires activity - creative activity

MIND - MEMORY - active

MIND - REASON increased, power of

MIND - DEEDS - great deeds; sensation as if he could do

MIND - USEFUL; desire to be




MIND - WILL - strong will power


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"Any symptom related to one's personality is useless till it becomes troublesome itself or starts modifying other abnormal complaints" Here I differ, as It is not necessary that to prescribe one has to see only morbid symptoms, But once you are on the way to individualise the personality or a case we see all the normal, and abnormal traits in his personality. Than on the basis of that we prescribe the medicine. A symptom or a quality of a patient goes through series of changes, We call it evolution and before prescribing one should see the disposition of the patient and the series of changes during evolution, as to why the patient's good qualities changed, and how he reacted during the adverse circumstance, there the symptom which is his good quality gets the value and helps in indivdualising. So not only Morbid symptom but the Initial symptom, The cause why the person got that morbid symptom, and how he reacted during that adverse period all are important

I am sorry to say Dr. Vikas but this type of interpretation is not a right way to understand a personality especially from Homoeopathic point of view.

Here you are judging only by the way he is being presented by the media, by his followers or by himself. You won't be able to understand the true personality behind the face (with due regards to Baba Ramdev).

One must have to understand the real motive or real intentions behind all this. And our medicine will change accordingly, for example... 

Desire for Power

Desire for Name and Fame


And as you rightly said that this is your's perception so I can't comment any more.

No need to feel sorry about that since I have written in the post that its mine perception, You pointed correctly, What I percieved from media, from his followers, and from himself, I analyzed, I clearly mentioned That you may differ in rubric selection. To Interpret once Intention (what is behind his every action) is a very vast subject for that one has to follow the personality he want to analyze for at least a good period of time, After Mere listening to few reviews nobody can truthfully judge anybody's intentions. So i left his intentions What I perceive I have chosen. That's it.

Every person picks out those points in others behaviour or personality to which he or she is sensitive to. So perhaps we pick rubrics which resonate with our own personality! THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE OTHER THAN YOURSELF.

Plus, nobody is free from miasmatic influence. and miasm is disease.

Brilliant +1

You may be right Dr. Tejas, I have written what I noticed, read  and came to know from persons who are very near to him. So may be possible that few traits of his personality are left, and to the last line of yours" Plus, nobody is free from miasmatic influence. and miasm is disease." I would only Click "LIKE".

Dr Vikas--Causticum personality he is...

Did you choose this for, "Intense sympathy for the suffering of others" or other reasons?

I think the rubrics are more suitable for Anna Hazare.

Yes, You are Correct Dr. Rafeeque, These rubrics may fit in his personality too.

Dear Dr,

It is a good example how to use MIND symptoms properly.

It will be also more interesting if you give appropriate remedy.


Excellent Dr. Vikas, Lovely Observation!!


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