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What its autism?
Autism is not what you may have heard.
Autism in my personal experience, education and opinion is a combination of many enzymatic, metabolic and genetic dysfunctions, the good news is possible to reverse these damages if you act fast and follow strict nutritional guidelines.
Autism is not 1 in 60 boys in America and 1 in 130 in general by the latest CDC report in North America.

The cause: 
There are many hypotheses at the moment.
I have my own.

My hypothesis:
An underground predisposition cause by a bacteria toxin that deregulates the perfect Ion balance in the gastrointestinal track of babies, that can started since the uterus in some cases. Plus a trigger.
The main trigger in developed countries is vaccines and venereal diseases.
Second by environmental pollutants or direct exposure to immune suppressants.
This lead to autism to have a very close resemble to AIDS and cancer. So keep in mind those two miasms.

Recorded homeopathic remedies:
(From personal experience and records) 
Some of the most confirmed remedies that have cured cases or greatly improve the health of these children have been so far:
Carsinocin (the parents tends to be very secretive or secrets around the child)
Aurum metalicum (this complements to carsinosin, and the child tens to have heart problems as well, corroborate with a CRP lab test, tends to be high)
Cannabis indica (the child main autistic behavior is laughing very giggling and happy, it’s very unusual since these children tend to have tantrums, this one NO! he is always like high and smiling or laughing)
Psilocybin Cubensis (this one complements cannabis indica, give the child his “self”)
LSD homeopathic works wonders if the child specially talks in third person! Autistic children seem to be disconnected from who he is and where he belongs to in a society and family. They don’t refer or use “mine”, “yours” etc.

EX. “Rob wants to eat” instead “I want to eat” 
Ayahuasca (main symptom the autistic child loves to climb high places all the time)
Helium (this one complements Ayahuasca)
Tarantula hispanica (especially for children obsessed with music followed by Plutonium Nitricum or vice versa)

Manganum Iodatum (especially if the child has eye symptoms)
The nutritional guidelines are imperative. The remedies may fail to work if we don’t follow it. Why? Because this new so call ‘diseases” are not longer what Hahnemann and in the past we were accustom to deal with. The vital force ITSELF has been affected. (Personal experience and opinion, more explanation will follow)

To procure genetic dysfunction to correct them we must maximize the “milieu”.
I hope this quick intro to the world of autism and related disorders starts a very useful discussion for all of us as a community enrich our knowledge and help these children and their families across the world.
Questions welcome. I will do my best to answer as soon as I can, please be patient; I have a very busy schedule. :)

My Very best to all.

Challenging Children
  by Linlee Jordan

The book deals with the problems which affect the family: the kicking, screaming, night waking or “I hate myself”. In the words of Dr. Isaac Golden: “It is an outcomes book and clearly shows parents and others what is possible in difficult and sometimes desperate situations.” Parents will get the best outcome from treatment if they have an understanding of the stages of homeopathic treatment and their expectations are based on real cases.


Around 11% of Australian children aged between 6 to 17 years are diagnosed with ADHD — an astounding fact to most parents. In the search for answers, Challenging Children: Success with homeopathy is a drug-free guide to treatment and offers hope and inspiration to everyone working and living with children.



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