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Please Read this News released by Press Trust of India on 29th Dec. 2011 A.K. Arun, M.D. (Homoeo.)


Nobel laureate casts doubts over homoeopathic system

Holding that real science is based only on experiments and data and not by beliefs, Nobel laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan today cast doubts over the homoeopathic medicine system for its scientific validation.

I have to be honest and say this is not a problem you can legislate. You can make homoeopathy illegal, if you want. But that’s not the solution, he said to a query on the scientific validation of homoeopathy medicine system.

The solution is to educate people... teach them about what is scientific process, how we learn to believe things and how we distinguish truth and falsehood in science. And that’s the way to actually convince people, he said at The Sceptical Scientist for S.V. Narasimhan Memorial Oration, organized by Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan here. Ramakrishnan, an expert on ribosomes in Cambridge University, said many global pharmaceutical companies introduce products without completing research. Explaining how much effect a placebo has on an ignorant patient, he said there are medical systems that work by chance and not by scientific experiments.

Asked how as a scientist he could explain what is god to a four-year old, Ramakrishnan said, I don’t think its the job of scientists to comment on religion and its not the job of religion to comment on scientific methods. On the recently reported discovery of neutrinos, he said if that was indeed true, then time travel might become actually possible. Ramakrishnan won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry along with Thomas A. Steitz and Ada E. Yonath in 2009.

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I think that the problem is much bigger than just Homeopathy wise. The attack is on all alternatives these days. The bill just passed on new years eve in the US is lingering there, a waiting snake ready to strike. It´s ad lib to strike whom so ever the government chooses. The biggest threat all governments hold is against a single person, not a whole body of members such as homeopathic physicians because we will stand and know this. I have absolutely no worries what so ever that a single article debating the scientific proof of homeopathy will tear us down or impact us in the least. The patients we have will continue to come because they know it´s efficacy and those who will shy away will reconsider at a later time. Our part in this huge puzzle is just small in comparison to the whole idea of health freedom. This article is a reminder to us all. The party is on people, let´s get cracking in protecting our own rights, no one will do it for us. Love Dagný


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