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Please Read this News released by Press Trust of India on 29th Dec. 2011 A.K. Arun, M.D. (Homoeo.)


Nobel laureate casts doubts over homoeopathic system

Holding that real science is based only on experiments and data and not by beliefs, Nobel laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan today cast doubts over the homoeopathic medicine system for its scientific validation.

I have to be honest and say this is not a problem you can legislate. You can make homoeopathy illegal, if you want. But that’s not the solution, he said to a query on the scientific validation of homoeopathy medicine system.

The solution is to educate people... teach them about what is scientific process, how we learn to believe things and how we distinguish truth and falsehood in science. And that’s the way to actually convince people, he said at The Sceptical Scientist for S.V. Narasimhan Memorial Oration, organized by Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan here. Ramakrishnan, an expert on ribosomes in Cambridge University, said many global pharmaceutical companies introduce products without completing research. Explaining how much effect a placebo has on an ignorant patient, he said there are medical systems that work by chance and not by scientific experiments.

Asked how as a scientist he could explain what is god to a four-year old, Ramakrishnan said, I don’t think its the job of scientists to comment on religion and its not the job of religion to comment on scientific methods. On the recently reported discovery of neutrinos, he said if that was indeed true, then time travel might become actually possible. Ramakrishnan won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry along with Thomas A. Steitz and Ada E. Yonath in 2009.

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Leads to the question : who determines what is scientiffic?

It used to be every science for themselves till 1792 -- there Kant made philosophy scientific in a modern sense, which is depicted by: rational, mathematical, predictable = SAVE.

After 1792 Sciences adopted these principles with the best of results.  Only through the adaptation of modern principles was it possible to have the technical advances we enjoy here.

Did All sciences shift to the new principles?

Unfortionally, NO, -- there is still one which is following its self proclaimed scientific principles and this is: MEDICINE.

So medicine is not rational,not mathematical, not predictable, and not save.

the new principle (modern) makes it mandatory to have exact knowledge of the result before taking action = apriory knowledge.

Exactly this principle adopted Hahnemann when he made the proving mandatory, and the selection of the remedy according the simile law.

As long as medicine continues to work on outdated principles and judge homeopathy by them, HOMEOPATHY will remain unscientiffic, actually its better for HOMEOAPTHY not to regress to medical levels.

On the other hand, historically Homöopathie is the advance medicine needs to become mathematical rational and predictable.

I ask the homeopathic community, "How do you feel about this type of news media report?"
Why do you imagine this report has come out at this time?
Who are the people promoting this information?
What is their purpose in writing this article?

His Nobel Prize is for Chemistry, not for quantum physics.

I have post graduate degrees and I am not an ignorant patient. The universities in the US teach western medicine. They do not teach alternative medicine. My personal belief is that pharmacutical companies want all approaches to medicine in the US gone, except for their products. There are forms of vitamins that they want banned for sale so they can use them exclusively, synthetically and charge high prices. Many drugs are becoming generics and companies are loosing a lot of money because of generic competition. (Happening right now) The FDA in the US is trying to get rid of all supplements. It has come before Congress several times and it gets closer to passing each time. If you are in a car accident, a western doctor is great. They only want to prescribe pharmacuticals. The more the better. TAke one to hide the side effects of the first and then another to hide the side effects of the second one. All of a sudden you are taking 5 or 9 and you still have the problem. I am not saying all pharmacuticals are bad. I am saying that pharma sees natural means of medicine a threat. They mean to stop it. Look at England. It is coming to the US. I sign every petition that comes my way to leave supplements, herbals, and homeopathy alone. It should be our choice. Since corporations are equal to people in "Citizen's United" from the Supreme Court, they will advance in any way they can and we must stand up for what we believe works for us in any venue we can. ~ Sandra Cundiff

Very good thoughts, Sandra. What you have said it true. It is great to sign petitions, but I do not think that goes far enough. We must blog and write letters to representatives and letters to editors, gather with others to make ourselves heard. We need advocates in high places to change what is happening to our loss of freedoms to choose many things in this world. 

We should have our God-given rights to natural products. They are in the process of being taken away.

We should have our God-given rights to pursue happiness and our own means of survival and staying healthy without government telling us what to do. 

Let us make the New Year 2012 a change for the better. Hugs, Debby

Its not an attack on Homeopathy. Its people attacking people.

Furious. """ Homoeopathy has faced criticism and opposition right from the day it was conceived."""
NO - Homeopaths oppose homeopaths. Its not homeopathy that is imperfect, its people. I am absolutely sick that the people in positions of power who should be supporting young people in homeopathy are actually the cause of the problem and why the world isnt moving. Thats right. You should change for the future of homeopathy and we should share information beween us.

Some People are the problem - not homeopathy.

I am more concerned about the problem within homeopathy, than outside of homeopathy. Skeptics are just doing their jobs. Homeopathy which is not coordinated, not organized, not even in support of its self does not deserve to continue as profession. When people are working together - it does. Right now,it isnt and doesnt. 

Dear Members

Point well made.

How comes, that Homeopaths attack homeopaths?

If both were homeopaths, --true homeopaths in the sense of the organon--, then there would be unity.

If true homeopaths would concentrate on what they are good at: To cure diseases --then there would be no problem with the recognition of their individual work. They would do the world good.

But, reality looks quite different these days:

Anything goes nowadays in HOMEOPATHY on this site and elsewhere.

When anything goes, no one has to discriminate.

When no one is responsible, no one is culpable.

So we swallow whatever is dished out to us, and we come to like it, because frankly, it's easier than taking up the challenge to research, test and experiences by oneself.

This goes so far, that no homeoapth to date realized the following:

A large group of volunteers took a dose of BELLADONNA in front of BOOTS pharmacies last year, just to prove, that homeopathy does not work -- is a hoax.  And the result was beliefed and aparently did dammage to the reputation of homeoapthy.

Actually, the only thing what this trial confirmed is: HOMEOAPTHIC REMEDIES FROM BOOTS DO NOT WORK!!

As a result, the range of homeopathic remedies offered in BOOTS should be withdrawn from the market and the customers compensated for the remedies not working.

If such a trial is desired, the fresh remedy should be prepared from the fresh plant in front of the people who will test it and a C1 potency should be applied according to the instructions of the Organon.

But -- many of us now live in a state of mindless mental consumption, filling our heads, filling our days, with anything that's going.

I agree that there is not a sense of unity. People are more interested in covering their own back side, than taking the opportunity to systematise it and form something coherent. It does not deserve to go on like this. There is no one else to blame but elder Homeopaths whose duty is to unite and cement strong systems. 

Instead of this - you have a bunch of rambos, in it alone, a one man boat. Theres no business. Theres self-employment and selfishness. 

I say that as a younger homeopath, I am in no support of what is happening. How am I supposed to respect my elders who have failed to create working systems? I am against it now. I am not going to go around blaming people because of it, I will focus on improving myself.

I suppose that makes me a skeptic of something I have heavily invested in. But what I am skeptic of is not homeopathy it is the human systems behind it. 

There appears not strategic objective, no leadership, no goal, no cohesion, no partnerships, no value propositions, no key resources. Just a bunch of scared and selfish people in it for themselves.

The world deserves BETTER than you. This current framework of homeopaths DESERVES to be taken down. I am a homeopath and I THINK ITS RUBBISH. 

I am not surpised people dont want to support it on the NHS - theres NOTHING TO SUPPORT THE POPULATION. Its just a bunch of people in it for themselves doing it out of their back yard. 

The pharmaceutical companies do not have all the answers and are in decline but at least conventional medicine and doctors  have a human system that WORKS.

Dear Alex

I am a senior homeopath.

I was founder member of the irish society of homeopaths.

i was one of the first to address the flaws, to introduce responsibility, countability, mutual understanding and support. And I was one of those who failed, as the majority of " homeopaths" did not want it.

And as in every organisation, majority rules, and the smallest common demonitaor determines, --

I left the organisation in 2000 and have not joined any of those since.

the offer is there to meet me, -- take up the offer to study -- become a homeopath, -- become recognized by me.

there are a few people who I respect as true homeopaths, all those have in common:

They have busy clinics, make a living, and have learned not to waste time and effort in endless and progressively meaningless debates with others on boards like this and similar.

They have put in the effort first, studdied MMP, Organon, practiced, experienced -- they are far apart of those computer operators, keying in a few rubrics and what comes up top, is the right remedy.  -- this is not homeopathy.

They are no blind believers of what is there in the books, pray after guru's, and at the same time seeing the flaws, -- they are honest people, who know that every thought, every word, every deed has consequence, they know of their responsibilities, and they fulfill them.

Dear Hans, I can say I share in your vision that there are many flaws. I think your coming from the direction of method and practice, I see the flaw as the business model guiding homeopaths. 

Its sad because people suffer because of this. I will study MMP and the Organon. Its back to step 1. Everything else will be taken down, dismantled because it is not willing to systematically rejuvenate according to some bottom down - core principles. 

Homeopaths have been looking to innovate, but they have done this according to business models that do not work.  

Only a living substance is attacked, no one can attack a dead body. That means homeopathy is still active and creating threats for them, hence it is attacked from different corners. And those who attack homeopathy, they also take homeopathy (secretly) for their ailments, and finally they become the supporters of homeopathy. History will always repeat!

Ive heard that one before, those with greatest resistance to something end up being its greatest followers. 

This is not about problems outside of Homeopathy though, this is about problems within it.

They also promote the word 'HOMEOPATHY' in the public media!!!


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