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We all know the story of the frog that jumps out of the pot filled with boiling water. Ouch, that burns! His normal reaction to heat saved his life.


That froggy experience and response contrasts sharply to the frog put into the cool water, who dies in the pot when the temperature slowly heats up.


All humans live on Planet Earth, which we may consider our pot. When we turn up the heat on Global Warming, poison our oceans, soils and air, or when we play God by tinkering with the RNA / DNA and programming given by our Creator, we can feel it either as frog one or frog two. Our sensitivity, understanding, and connectedness to our instincts help us survive. 


When you find out that researchers have been fiddling with the fundamental basics of health and life, such as the apple, we must question and protest. Do you wonder why companies need to tamper with what is right in the world? Do they have an ultimate or covert plan or motivation? And, do we know the future ramifications of this type of product when ingested? How many cups of apple juice does a child drink in the developing years? How many glasses of cider do we drink on Thanksgiving? How many spiced hot apple cider drinks are served during the holidays? How many recipes call for apples like good old apple pie, apple cake, apple cobbler and applesauce? Apple wedges melt in your mouth when dipped in honey, peanut butter or cheese. 


How do you feel about eating an artificial apple, one that has never been fully tested for short or long-term adverse health effects? 


Why does big industry get to take chances and risks with the public's health without EPA oversight, or governmental legislators scrutiny? 

The GE apple, engineered using an almost entirely untested genetic modification technology, called RNA interference, or double strand RNA (dsRNA) pose health risks, especially in lives of young developing children. Let's question what happens when manipulated RNA gets into our digestive systems and bloodstreams? 

Are we, as humans, so easily swayed by the veneer that we could not see through the surface color of 'never browning' apples when they are cut? When food has a long or unending shelf life, it could not possibly be a living food. Everything that is 'living' first is born, then goes through the cycle of degradation and degeneration. We call this the 'circle of life.'

New GM Nightmares with RNA

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