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Since the period of Samuel Hahnemann ART.CHR. DIS are on a very high and introduction of ANTIBIOTICS and some new chemical compositions in the name of medicine to treat patients is doing more harm than better , we the homeopaths can fight with natural chronic disease but with the artificial chronic disease within a stipulated time frame, somehow difficult to treat.This is my point of understanding, I want to learn what my friens think about it.

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So true,What we as practicioners see with most patients of this modern day is called 'iatrogenic diseases'.
Iatrogenic=symptom directly caused by a drug given.

In the Usa we see this more than When I work in Indonesia.
Usa the land of drug induced housewife's and children on ritalin overdrive,fathers sucking up viagra. What is happening to our body with all these allopathic toxins?
In Indonesia I dont see these,well not so much. Not many take allopathics,they are too poor,they live verry remote,mostly herbal plant meds. They have no suppressions"what you see is what you get". Diseases dont play hide and seek in these people as the do in the suppressive cases of the USA.

My expierence working in the Calcutta slum clinics i saw this aswell,the more poor the patient the clearer the symptoms were. The more wealthy people were vaccinated and full of diabetes/high blood pressure drugs. Hard to give remedies,layers of suppression.


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