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A patient 70 years old with uterus prolapsus.

After Helonias dioica (helon) mother tincture for one month everything is much better. I told her to stop and we might continue in one month time.

I was looking into other remedies and lil-t. would also fit quiet well especially for her emotions.

Now I found under lil-t. in Seideneder and Murphy the remark: Antidote: Helon (Anteversion)


Can anybody explain to me what that means? Could it mean that the uterus will go into the opposite position again? And all that helonias did good to this patient would be gone again?


Would very much appreciate your help.






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abnormal forward tilting of a bodily organ, esp the uterus

Dartmouth Anatomy | 


Fig. 35-4. The uterus. A shows the parts of the organ. B shows the normal position of anteflexion and anteversion. C shows the angle (a) of anteversion. D represents a retroverted uterus. E shows the uterovesical and recto-uterine pouches. F demonstrates the principle of (1) abdominal and (2) vaginal hysterectomy (arrows).


Wikipedia | The function of the round ligament is maintenance of the anteversion of the uterus (a position where the fundus of the uterus leans ventrally) during pregnancy. Normally, the cardinal ligament is what supports the uterine angle (angle of anteversion). When the uterus grows during pregnancy, these ligaments can stretch causing pain.[4]

Can someone please clarify if Helonias dioica is the same plant as Chamaelirium luteum, which has many common names: False unicorn, devil's bit, starwort, fairy wantd and blazing star. As Claudia indicates, these are in the liliaceae family. 


Helonias dioica, a native North American plant grows in the New England area to Illinois and south into Florida. It likes humid climates and moist soil. Known for treating female problems, depression and coughs. From 1916 to 1947, Helonias dioica was listed as a uterine tonic in the United States pharmacopoeia.

 Dr Claudia,

When Helonias has taken care of the patient, then why should we think of another remedy? Lil-t. may antidote the original medicine, but that doesn't mean that the process of cure will be reversed. Also, we have to antidote the original medicine, in cases, where we find severe aggravations, which are not related to patient symptoms or the patient starts proving the symptoms of the same medicine, due to frequent repetitions of the medicine.


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