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Homeopathy has been treating nasal problems of various types including sinusitis for last two hundred years with great success. We learn that conventional antibiotics do not come up to their own expectations as per news just published.


Our medicines for cold and sinusitis has served humanity well and positively. A number of western world pharmacies now attempt to utilize the favorable outcomes and benefits of 'homeopathic' medicines, such as "Zicam." They realize that these over-the-counter safe, gentle and rapid acting drugs for acute situations can quickly enter the marketplace. But, do not be fooled when big pharmacies that normally sell chemical and synthetic drugs enter with a non-homeopathic combination medicine like "Zicam" which may insert one or two potentized remedies, but the majority of the ingredients are crude drugs.


Below I have listed a few homeopathic medicines which have been used for colds and sinusitis with gratifying results.


  • Sinusitis after mastoid operation.  HEKLA LAVA

  • Acute and chronic sinusitis, catarrh with stringy discharge.  KALI BICH

  • Tearing pain in head from root of nose extending to forehead with nausea, dryness of mucous passages.  NATRUM MUR

  • Pain begins at the back of the head and settles over the eyes,worse under the fan.  SILICEA

  • Chronic cold with loss of smell and yellow green phlegm better in cool open air. PULSATILLA
  • Constant reoccurring cold and difficult cough that is worse at night, the early morning an din open air. BACILLINUM
  • Along with typical burning, redness and itching, has been helpful at the end of bronchitis for person anxious about health  SULPHUR

  • White or grey coated tongue, white discharges and swollen glands. KALI MUR

  • A drainage and liver remedy, chronic thick yellow discharge, HYDRASTIS


  • Tautopathy providing a potentized remedy made from a drug that has been given to patient repeated in the past and now ineffective. PENCILLINUM


The medicines need to be customized according to an individual symptoms for best results. Always consult your homeopathic physician. Next time you get sinus problem consider homeopathy it will not fail you and not harm you.


DAWN | A recent AMA study publication reported that United States adults diagnosed with sinus infections typically receive an antibiotic without any appreciable improvement in duration and alleviation of symptoms as compared with similar results from placebo.

The paper also indicated the dangers of over use of antibiotics, especially when the body may have the ability to heal itself over a period of time without the use of drugs.

Doctors prescribe antibiotics one out of every five times for the inflammation and symptoms of rhino-sinusitis. Doctors may site this study when they tell patients to use other means to find comfort from sinusitis symptoms and detail the caution for over use of antibiotics.

  • "Instead of giving antibiotics, such as the amoxicillin used in this study, the researchers suggest treating symptoms, such as pain, cough and congestion, along with watchful waiting to see whether further treatment is necessary."

It would be interesting to learn what treatments doctors will suggest to treat these symptoms, besides antibiotics, which everyone knows may only work for a bacterial infection sensitive to the antibiotic, but not for a viral infection.

What do some people use to reduce symptoms?


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Still antibiotics are prescribed in tons for the management of sinusitis. Money is more important than the truth!

You are right  " Money is more important than the truth!"


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