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A beautiful girl named Naseem, age 5 years old, was brought to my clinic who was deaf and dumb. While taking the case history her parents told me that she had fallen down and hit her head and from that head injury she became deaf.

She was treated by the top ENT especialists at Karachi Pakistan, but declared incurable in the end. Her parents had heard about my previous case of dumb patient which I had successfully cured.

This new case was really a very difficult and tough case because the baby was deaf and dumb but I started the case with a simple one symptom that was a head injury and gave her Natrum sulph 200 and natrum mur 200 alternately.

The baby was given kali mur 3x 4 tablets daily six times and mullien oils 2 drops in both ears regularly.

The parents were advised to give the medicine to the baby regularly and punctually according to the schedule: as the treatment was long and needed patience from both sides.

But the parents took it easily and did not cooperate fully. In these circumstances, also by the grace of Allah Almighty, the baby started talking after three months and the parents were really amazed by the treatment of this healing science and now started to full cooperate with me.

I am fully confident that in the next three months she will be able to talk more frequently. I most humbly thank Allah Almighty that I was given this chance to cure this baby and am proud to be a homeopathic doctor and once again on Saturday, July 09, 2011 say that this is another miracle of biochemic salts. Sturday, July 09.2011

Homeopathic Doctor Khan Saeed Jadoon

August 4, 2011
I highly appreciate the comment of Dr. Hans on my comments of Another miracle of Biochemical salts. This forum is really a very valuable forum to share views and experiences. I have the honor to present my opinion again in this forum that the Biochemical tissue salts and homeopathic healing system are quite different from each others.  The founder of biochemical tissue salts was Dr, Wilhelm Schuessler while homeopathic system of healing was founded by late Dr. Hahnemann, which was based on the totality of symptoms of a single remedy. On the other hand, Dr. Schuessler used the tissue salts quite differently of those of Homeopathic remedies.

Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler mixed the biochemical salts and he used some times two or three remedies alternately OR by mixing them together as required by the patient. The deficiency of the required tissue salts and he cured all his patients very successfully.

I treated the girl my patient in the same way by biochemical tissue remedies only. Thanks for sharing your views in this forum. We can learn all from each other's experiences.
Dr. Khan

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Why Arnica is not medicine for this case.


Natrum sulph works better in these cases and that is the result of her rapid relief , however i thank you dr. Habib sahab for your comment and arnic a is also a medicine of injury but accordimg to the situation i selected nat sulph which reposeed  as i felt

Keep it up...
I thank my respected friends who appreciate  my humble services for the development of homeopaty in this  forum
Good work! If Kali-m solved this case, then this was a case of Eustachian tube blockade with conductive deafness, hence cured.

Thanks Dr. Tahir sahab for you nice comment;

 I think every remedy  used in this case was the demond of the case and siuation. I aknowledge the role of kali-mur it is widely used by me in the hepatitis B &C very successfully. Every remedy is very important when symptoms  calls for it, dr. khan

Sir ,
why you gave Natrum sulph 200 and Natrum mur 200 alternately??
Congratulation Dr Sahab .

Why do you call this case as wonder of Bioichemic salt, when you prescribed Nat Sulph 200 for bad effect of Head injury as per Dr Kent observation. Still you prescribed Nat mur and Mullein oil too..

I agree with Dr.Piyush Kumar
Your are correct! And No need of Mullein oil too...


    and its great success for us also. after this miracle we also feel more confident.

Thanks madam Garima  Couhan beti  we should share our experience and that will be too much helpng source in the development of this amazing healing science


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