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A few personal observations

In acute cases where remedies are selected according the most prominent symptoms, the selection is easy, unambiguous and if applied in the correct way, the remedy will act fast and profound.  We all experienced this many times.  Here homeopathy is an exact science.

In more chronic situations I observed a few things which made me realize, that there is another dimension to homeopathy. Success in more chronic cases is not solely down to symptoms, down to the correct remedy, down to the correct application, -- much also depends on who is the therapist, who applies the remedy, and what is the practitioner – patient relationship.

It seems to me, that an wise and understanding practitioner, who is nonjudgmental can grab the totality of the case. With this reflective state of mind the practitioner can see where the patient is on his / her journey through live, can see the issues he is confronted with, and can see where the person got stuck, leading to disease.

Listening without commenting opens up a space where mutual trust establishes itself between practitioner and patient. This creates a relationship, which is very important for the success of therapy. By this realization, the remedy clearly stands out.  Remedies on the other side can be experienced as situations, and used as unlockers so to speak.

Handed over by the practitioner himself, it will work miraculous.

The same remedy obtained from the pharmacy often did little to nothing even when accurately applied according the disease-symptom picture.

This caught my curiosity – and I revisited my old cases looking for answers.

I realized that information is transported into the remedy whenever handed down by the practitioner himself, to the extent that this remedy becomes much stronger and it will act decisive. This remedy then is personalized; -- it will only work for this person right now, not for anyone else and not for this person at another time.  This effect takes place, if the practitioner allows himself to become united with the patient, forgetting about his individuality at this time completely in a non attached way. Otherwise the practitioner will suffer burn-out.

This finding adds another dimension to homeopathy: the practitioner himself.

Even though being unprejudiced, and not taking part in the patients suffering by comment, he plays the most important role by understanding the patient in the full human extent, realizing what is needed, and subconsciously transferring that information into the remedy, which in turn becomes unique and curative.


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A good discovery Hans. I have been speaking about this very dynamic during the radio shows and on the blogs. Homeopathy is "dynamic" and ever changing. Homeopathy is not "a thing" or "a noun" or "a remedy." Homeopathy is 'application' through the selection of the most similar medicine to the disordered state of the individual; and the dynamic between the practitioner and the patient as one observes the other and the latter relates to the first to open up and express their state of being. Nice blog.

Dear Debby

HOMEOPATHY is a toolbox of a therapist.

Think of it as a mechanics toolbox -- all the spanners and screwdrivers are the remedies --. A spanner which fits the purpose alone does not do the trick, the mechanic (therapist) has to apply it (potency, frequency of repetition). Only when set it in the right angle and used with the right force will the operation be successful. This right angle, right force is what I am relating to in my blog.

If the action of the same remedy depends on the person who gives the remedy, there is only one possible conclusion: the placebo effect ("dynamic working")  or the psychological impact of a remedy is in one case bigger than the other. Any other explanation seems beside the point.

Dear Rene

In acute cases, it does not seem to matter who gives the remedy, it does what it should do, as long as the selection is proper. This observation makes your view which you feel is conclusion including your explanation look too  limited and simplistic.

It does not matter if we can explain effects through our limited knowledge of what live is -- still those effects are observed.

We may look into the area of non material actions of radio waves (md. currie published some of that), or into Cypernetics. Both models help to "understand" such effects.

A remedy given with good intention works better!
Did you ever give one with bad intentions? (I am not serious here--)
yes dear. Some times the patients (not emergency cases)come when I am about to leave my clinic. I will have to postpone some urgent work to manage them. I have noticed bad results when I prescribe in that situation. May be due to hurried selection of remedy!
Yes-- I know these situations, -- I have learned to keep my emotions checked,--take the time, listen, prescribe, --

Hello Hans

What you mentioned may be right. :-)


Very nice post Dr. Hans.

There is another feature to this, to which you allude in your emphasis on the practitioner. This is that the Vital Force of the practitioner interacts directly with the Vital Force of the patient. Every Reiki practitioner has experienced this directly, but it is just as true in homeopathy. We can gain important information about our patients if we take a moment to "listen" to our own VF and what it is experiencing in regard to this patient. In addition, contact with our healthy VF provides important information to the patient's VF regarding orderliness, expansiveness, and spiritual quality. Of course, if our VF is weak, disordered, or unspiritual, none of this takes place.

I think this is implicit in what you have said, and I just wanted to make it explicit. I address this in my book "Concordia: Healing, Psychotherapy, and the Vital Force" for which I am seeking a publisher. A PDF is available for the asking.

Dear Dr Bruce

straight to the point.

The practitioners own health is paramount.


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