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In Memoriam Anne Begum,
I was blessed and pleased to meat the extraordinairy medical homeopath femal doctor Anne Begum of Nainital. She was mother of 8 children. 1 daughter Shabna, and seven brothers, of whom 4 also became medical doctors in ancient Kayakalpa the heart of Ajurveda, and homeopath.. One of them was in direct linage of the threatend eternal knowledge of the living man in the art of the Kriyamasters of the Himalayans.
Anne Begum surrenderd her life to the many as well as to the poor and needy. Noble man from all over the world came to her for treatment. legends about her descendens from the Royalty of indipendant India where shared with the few trustable friends.
Whe went with the night train to Fasiabad to get her degree as a homeoapath.
She only took short nightrest mainly two or three hours. And spent time next to her houskeeper life in study the origine of all religion.
The Koran, the books of Hindu the Vedanta, the Bible, Thora, Buddhism, all focused her understanding in the One living Go(o)d of the many Nation of All.
She workd as a regular Doctor at Ramsey Hospital, in the former Britsh governemantal summer residence of  then called "The Northern Provinces.".
What only a few people know is that this Area Awadh is know to one of the greatest remedies of history, Oudh (Agarwood,Eaglewood,aquilea aquilochia) The remedy which was used through the centuries by all religions. It is the most secred remedy ever traded on the world market.It is used in most arjurvedc remedies. Its mothertincture is used in the complex sequence of Kayakalpa cure.
Another plant being traded for its highest Quallity is Soma lata( sarcostemma acidum), which by the secers of truth is often misunderstood as different other plants.
The real Soma lata, only revieled by the Master to the Master student in its healling properties, within the sequence of Mastery of the healing of the human body is a key to the understanding human health, as well as homeopathy in its pure and true nature.
One is able to accomplish a state of understanding of the Cor phenomena of homeopathy in all its aspects. Especialy if one takes into consideration the full sequence of tannery. As well as the eternall technieks of the Central KriyaYoga and Kayakalpa cure.
Dr.Bach, England with his 39 remedies and his ability to take into his whole human bodysystem the cause of the disease itself, are the fundamental axciomas as well as the ancient techniek of the ThomaYoga practieced by the Tibetan Lamas as piece of Mastery.

Anne Begum held all this unwritten titles of Mastery which she gave away to her four beautiful sons, who eversince praticed this mastery of medicine and chronical deseas in The Kmaon region.

In her old days she was sourounded by her grandchildren as well as by her sons and daughters who spent all ther money as a natural fact of healing for the poor and needy ones.

I am very greatful to had the honor to learn from her and her sons, and happily take the responsibility to share this knowledge in the world and at the uniek retreat Center Amgiri, which the family has
crated in the anscient healing area of the Rainforest of India Corbet National Park.

Colleges and individual perons, indipendant scholars as well as research Institutes can contact me to participate in the personal field studies twice a Year.

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Would be glad to participate in the field studies.


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