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The famous actress Angelina Jolie shot into fame again. This time for a different reason: Mastectomy! She has been operated for something she did not have. A "preventive" surgery for breast cancer. Hence, the claim that her chances of breast cancer are less than 5%.

Does this give a wrong message to all to get their breasts  removed before they develop cancer? Is this procedure justified? Are we only relying on statistics? What does the Homeopathic Community has to say about this?

Next may be all men getting their prostate gland removed before it becomes cancerous. This list can be endless. There is treatment in Homeopathy for such problems. This is the message which should have been sent. The views of all are welcome.


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There was a segment on a current affairs show here last night, about a family who has this gene. It was actually quite tragic - a large number of the women in the family have died from breast or ovarian cancer. The story was about 3 sisters, 2 of whom had decided on prophylatic hysterectomies and mastectomies. The third sister was still relatively young (very early 30s) and because she wanted to have more children chose to put such surgery off. She was told about the gene, and the doctors definitely put the fear into her. The terrible tragedy of it is she got ovarian cancer within 2 years of being told she had the gene, at an age that was almost 20 years earlier than any other member of her family. She looked quite skeletal, having gone through many sessions of chemotherapy. It was heart-breaking.

I did feel however, that the whole slant of the show was to show women how dangerous it was to not get their ovaries and breasts removed if they are told they have the gene. I wondered while watching it, if the danger was in the telling, as it just seemed too coincidental to have them shower her with warnings that inexplicably come true so quickly (pointing the bone?).

There was another worrying undertone to this program too. They were talking about which children had inherited the gene. There was a lot of talk about this. I began to get the impression that this debate is going to become much more serious in the future. Which children should be allowed to pass the gene on? Which children should have their ovaries removed earlier? Since the gene also causes (supposedly) testicular, prostate and breast cancer in men, males may also soon be targeted for such 'pre-emptive strikes'. Will the suggestion be to sterilize such people, so that medicine can eliminate the risk for the general population? Perhaps genetic alterations of such children before they can have their own children? Is this the beginning of genetic manipulation of human beings, allowed to happen because of our own fear and the total failure of orthodox medicine to genuinely improve the health of our communities?

This is a dangerous, and very slippery slope orthodox medicine has placed themselves, and us, upon. It is concerning me greatly, especially since nobody seems to be really questioning the wisdom of this approach. Aren't people angry that this is all they can offer us?

Dear David, you have given everyone a lot to consider. Many activities, legislation and medical pursuits today tread down a dangerous path toward reduction of free will and free choice. Reduced liberty and reduced options of information; while simultaneously, putting censorship on board social networks. Your response makes us think of Nazi Germany, human experimentation, and today the trend toward genetic manipulation is fierce. 

On the BlogTalkRadio show, I mentioned that Obama says it's okay to put dead kidney fetal cells into PepsiCo soft drinks as a flavor enhancer and not label the ingredients. We fight for the right to know the GMO in our foods, and have not won that battle, yet. We're told to get our children immunized with genetic materials in a systematic way for them to enter school or camp. 

We are not informed about the use of Omega 3, vitamins, cleanses, and many other approaches to good health and building the body's immune system. 

Every one of us has the capacity to trigger cancer, whether from an emotional scare, proximity to radioactive material, multiple body scans, the in-take of certain medicines and foods, an injury, damage from the sun and the list goes on and on. What is the answer? Let's remove our organs one at a time, so that they don't break out with a malignancy. Don't have children on the slight chance they will have cancer. I think it's time to talk to more people about the medical system and the messages they send to doctors, nurses, hospitals, health care workers and the general population at large.

I think we all are living with some kind of a fear. Fear of cancer or even any other disease which is compelling people to take such measures like removing organs and what not. What comes to my mind is a bigger question:

Who is creating this fear?

Interesting that you have a name for these types of people. My dyslexia kept reading BAKARAAS as BARACCUDA which means one that uses aggressive, selfish, and sometimes unethical methods to obtain a goal especially in business.

It is just like committing suicide. In the name of advancement we are going back.


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